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Oct 6, 2015

What's going on with Natural in Nashville?

Hi Guys,

I know some have wondered what's been going on with the site. I did receive some message on Instagram wondering why we weren't updating the timeline. Of course, I wanted to address the situation. I hate to leave my readers in the dark. So let's get into it.

Where have the posts gone? Well, that's a good question! I basically lost all my writers - some moved, some lost interest, some even went back to relaxer life. All reasons were understandable, we still love each other, life happens. Natural in Nashville was never designed to be the voice of one person. I always had a team concept in mind. I wanted writers who would try new products on their various hair types, talk about the highs & lows of their natural hair journey, and even be the voice of reason for Naturals in our city. But when you don't have a team, it's hard to keep up that type of vision.

So, why can't we just hear from YOU, the editor? Another good question! The reason I wanted a team of writers for this site is because my primary focus has always been fashion. As the editor, and sole writer of FabGlance Fashion & Style, I have to post, go to events, host, and everything else that goes along with being a fashion writer - I don't have a ton of time. I started writing about my natural hair journey on Fab Glance, but I thought, developing this site would be a gift to the city and natural hair wearers all over the internet?

So, what's gonna happen now? It pains me to type, that Natural in Nashville will be going on hiatus. I'll still continue to update the Facebook page, but there won't be any new posts on the website . . . FOR NOW. I'm in talks to turn this space into a comprehensive resource for all things natural hair related - in the city.

Natural in Nashville, the website, is scheduled to return June 2016. My hope is to build a team of amazing content creators, hair stylists, and bloggers. Ladies who not only writer about their hair experience, but host YouTube videos, events, and maybe even develop products - all things UNIQUE to Nashville's beauty community. Also, I want to have SPONSORS. Sponsors who fall in line with the vision and are able to help us give you amazing content.

When Natural in Nashville returns there will be a new website design, new logo, and a new vision. Just hang with me, give me some time to develop the plan, and I promise to get back to you.

In the meantime, follow us on FACEBOOK. I will still post Natural Hair events happening in Nashville and the southern region. I will still post hair lust photos. And you can still ask questions about the Natural Hair journey. I'll be around to answer.

If you'd like to join the team to help me prep for our re-launch in 2016, shoot me an email. We need writers, a videographers, a web designer, and an event coordinator. We also need brands who are interested in sponsorship. Oh yeah, do you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see on the site? Leave a comment below.

Thank you for the last 4 years! I promise to bring the site back - and it will be better than ever!


Aug 10, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: No Heat Challenge

It's been little over a month I believe when I started the no heat challenge and in proud to say I'm still going strong.

I've still been rocking wigs. I've been experimenting with different curl patterns and lengths but I'm anxious to try some different colors. 
My Sensationnel Empress Lace Wig Style in style Jenna after I cut bangs 
My Express Weave Las Mogan half wig in 1B. Purchased at
I am hesitant to get any bold, bright colors like platinum blonde or red because of my job (I am a journalists), but I do want to experiment with some soft browns or regular blonde. 

I recently ordered a curly wig in the color 1b/30. I am excited to see what it will look like and maybe it will push me to try another color. 

When it comes to wigs there are three things I consider. 
1. Style- most of the time I get half wigs. But when I want to wear a wig with bangs I make sure to get a lace front wig and not a u part. Not really much I can do with a u part wig because I either only want a small amount of hair out or no hair out at all.  
2. Texture-because I leave out some of my hair in the front for most of my half wigs I have to find a texture that is similar to my natural hair texture. I can't get any wig that looks too fake, curly or tight. My hair texture is 4b. 
3. Price-this is the most important. I try not to spend over $30 over any wig I buy including taxes and shipping.

I'll probably continue to wear wigs until the end of the month and then get box braids before my beach vacation. I plan on making some more YouTube videos on the maintenance of my wigs so stay tuned! In the meantime below is a tutorial I watched on how to cut bangs in a wig:

Jun 23, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: New Curly Wig

So in my last hair diary I told you all about my desperate desire for long hair.I decided to quench my thirst for length by investing in a curly half wig. And yes I did say invest because I plan on keeping it for a while...and if not the wig at least the hairstyle.
After two weeks of wear the wig still looks pretty good
I went for a curly half wig because I decided I wanted to try the no heat challenge yet again. I knew if I got a curly half wig I could just leave the front part of my hair out and flat twist it every night without ever having to put heat on it. And that's just what I've been doing. I may only be two and half weeks strong, but hey it's a start.

And honestly with the way this heat in the South is set up, straight hair (for me) is probably not even possible. So really I don't feel like I'm missing out anything. Not to mention I got plenty of compliments from people thinking the wig is my own, natural hair. I credit that to my natural hair being on fleek in the front and my blending skills.

I bought the wig from Kim's Hair Plus located on Jefferson Street. It was called Outre quick weave  IVY.

My hair after a little cutting
The wig was really long when I got it and I liked it long but I decided to cut it to bra strap length to make it look more believable. Now it is shoulder length and heavily layered because the ends were starting to look rough.

I washed the hair once with a shampoo made specifically for synthetic wigs and followed up with a leave in conditioner. I will be doing a review on the products I used later this week but really I imagine you can use any synthetic wig/weave shampoo and leave in conditioner. For shine I used a wig shine spray made specifically for synthetic hair and wigs and scrunched my hair until it looked how I wanted. I NEVER brushed my wig! If it needed to be detangled I put a small amount of conditioner (any kind is fine) on my wig while it was wet and used my fingers to detangle.

And that's about it. This week I have a family reunion in Chicago and we all know how judgmental family can be so I did order a different curly half wig for the occasion just so it will look fresh. In the video below you can see my initial review as well as see me rocking the Outre curly half wig.

Link for video:

Jun 11, 2015

YOUTUBE Thursday: MochaCurlie89 shares twist-out tips

Ashley Michelle aka MochaCurlie89

Welcome back to YouTube Thursday! Every Thursday we share a YouTube tutorial to help you along your natural hair journey. Today I'm sharing a Nashville native, Ashley Michelle aka MochaCurlie 89. She just joined Youtube in early 2015, but she already has some amazing tutorials available for you! 

I thought I'd share seven minute video on doing a twistout on blow-dryed hair. Personally, I love to do my twistouts on blow-dryed hair, it gives me more definition and more fluffy results. In this video, Ashley takes you through the steps of achieving this awesome look. And, she uses some products that I hadn't heard of: Soultanicals Knot Sauce and Knot Butter. 

Take a look at Michelle's video below, tell me in the comments if you find something that helps!

Mar 17, 2015

Buy your Natural in Nashville T-Shirt TODAY!

YAY! The Natural in Nashville t-shirts are back in stock! Just in time for Spring, you can have an exclusive Natural in Nashville t-shirt to represent you town and your gorgeous natural hair. The Natural in Nashville tees sport the NIN logo, a cute girl with a gorgeous afro, in a black & white logo.

Click the link below to purchase your exclusive NIN logo t-shirt.

SPECIAL INFO: T-Shirts are Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton. The shirts run kinda big so please be warned. When your order is placed, your shirt will ship within one week. Sorry, no refunds/no exchanges.

The NIN team (plus HalfieTruths) rocking our t-shirts

Nov 21, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: India Arie f. Akon - "I Am Not My Hair"

This time of year is always seems to be a unique mixture of our past, present and future.  Families are planning to gather and celebrate each other and their traditions.  Individually we're planning for the year ahead while showing gratitude for the blessings of the year that has passed.

Candice, Toya, Ashiya, and Melissa at the 30th Annual African Street Festival 2012
It is a time of change and it has certainly landed at Natural in Nashville.  We will already miss Amber, just as we miss Toya.  That gives us another reason to be thankful for our online community. We can see them flourish and grow where they have been planted now.  And we miss them a little bit less.

NIN Spring 2014 Photo Shoot: Candice, Ashiya, Amber and Melissa.

The team is changing and growing for 2015 and we are excited for the next leg of our collective natural hair journey.  One thing writing for Natural In Nashville has confirmed for me is something we all know:  it is more than hair.  Healthy hair is the result of a healthy mind, body and Spirit.  It truly does depend on our lifestyle.

NIN Spring Meet Up: Melissa, Candice, Ashiya and Amber

Nothing made this more evident than looking over the blog and seeing our health concerns, personal beliefs and special moments in life all connected to stories about our hair.

As we welcome two new writers and prepare for 2015, I found no better song than this classic from Ms. India Irie.  We come here to share about our hair, but it is so much more!

Stay tuned to Natural in Nashville on Facebook for more on our new writers!

We can't wait to see you at the Natural in Nashville Holiday #PopUpMeetUp!  Get tickets here.

Oct 22, 2014

EVENT REVIEW: Coco Curls and Convo Lunch Meet-up


Last Sunday the lovely owners of All Things Curly (Tawanna Parnell) and Coco Curls (Jeannelle Darden) hosted the Coco Curls + Conversation lunchtime meet-up at Raz'z Bar & Grill in Antioch. The event matched natural hair wearers with stylists and brand developers. We exchanged information, tips, and laughs over a delicious lunch. Check the pictures below:

Aug 26, 2014


Yay! This site is growing and we need more help. Nope, the other writers aren't going anywhere, however we are looking for new voices to share their experiences and share the load. The readers want more articles about natural hair experiences, product reviews, and (of course) more events. 

You MUST have writing experience, have a strong social media following (or like sharing on social media), be a Nashville (surrounding area) resident, and like public speaking. College students and  MALES are strongly encouraged to apply.

We are looking for NEWLY NATURAL team member (less than 3 years) because we want people who are willing to share their journey. Most older naturals, have the routine down, which hurts the writing process.

New writers are required to write at least ONE post a week, share that post on their social media platforms, and be willing to aid in the development of the Natural in Nashville community (events, meet-ups, etc).   

This is an ONE YEAR UNPAID position with options to receive free product/promotions and attend events.

If this sounds like you, please submit the following info to
  • TWO writing samples (or a website where you work can be found)
  • Your bio
  • Fave picture featuring your hair

Aug 7, 2014

NIN T-Shirts and Tanks - ON SALE NOW!
Hola guys! Just in time for summer, I've decided to launch the NIN logo tees. We have standard t-shirts ($20), women's fit ($20), and TANKS ($23)! The tanks are SUPER CUTE!
All the shirts go to 3XL and ship directly from the producer.

Since this is a campaign through teespring, if we don't sell 15 shirts (any style) the shirts won't be printed. So purchase one, then tell your mom, your cousin, and your best friend too! The teespring campaign lasts for one week. 

Click the link below to purchase.

May 2, 2014

NATURAL IN NASHVILLE: Farmer's Market Trio

About two weeks ago I was being a total Stalker McGee as I ate my lunch at the Farmer's Market. I saw these gorgeous ladies eating lunch and I had to snap their picture. This photo represents more than 20 years natural hair! As I approached them, they surprised me by saying they were complimenting MY HAIR! Naturals out here loving each other - I dig it!  

Take a look below each lady share a bit about their journey:

This is Ms. Verdell. She's been natural all her life switching between straight and curly styles.

This is Ms. DJ Hearin - she's been natural for EIGHT years and prefers to rock a short style
This is Brooke G, Ms. Verdell is her mom. She transition for one year and she's been natural for one year.

Shout-out to our readers! Don't be alarmed if we run up on you to take a photo of your gorgeous hair. We have to represent the Natural Hair movement in Nashville.

Feb 23, 2014


Just in time for the NINmeetup - we've decided to compile a handy list of Nashville's natural hair stylists and hair salons. Nashville first online natural hair directory is coming soon and we want YOU to be on it. Natural in Nashville receives more than 12,000 views a MONTH! Think of the potential customers that you can reach. You need to be in this DIRECTORY!

Are you an AWESOME hairstylist or owner of a natural hair salon and you'd like to be listed on our page? Please contact me at the email below. We have several listing options to get your name and your business to our readers. See below:

Who Are You:
  • Must have a website, FB page, or online social media page that showcases your work
  • Working in the Middle Tennessee Area
  • Licensed Stylist who specializes in Natural Hair
  • Salon Owner with stylists who specialize in Natural Hair
  • Loctician working in a salon or home
  • Braider working in salon or home
Listing option and payment: 
$10 (one-time payment) - Your name and/or salon listed in our handout just in time for the #NINmeetup on March 30, 2014. Each attendee will receive a copy of the listing in their gift bag.

$20 (recurring payment) - Have your name and/or salon listed on our handout for the event AND have your name and/or salon listed on our NEW web directory for 3 months! Renew your listing on the directory every 3 months (or pay a one-time $80 for the entire year). 1000's of readers contact our page for information on stylists in the Nashville area. Have your name, salon, and link, available for a potential customer.

All payment can be made via paypal.

Got questions, wanna be in our directory? Submission/Payments are due by March 15. Contact Melissa at for info.

Feb 17, 2014

#NINmeetup Spring 2014: Tickets NOW AVAILABLE

It's OFFICIAL. Tickets are now available for the #NINmeetup! Admission is free BUT space is limited. If you want to get in the building - you have to have a TICKET. So, what's on the agenda:
  • Two FUN networking Events
  • Haircare demonstrations from the Aveda student-stylists
  • Panel discussion with special invited VIP guests
  • Swag bag with product samples
  • Vendors selling lots of cool stuff
  • Light appetizers
 CLICK HERE to RSVP and receive your tickets.
Make sure to share with your friends!

  • Sorry, we cannot allow children under 12 years-old to attend the event.
  • Youth over the age of 12 are allowed, but they must have a ticket.
  • Space is limited - NO TICKET = NO ENTRY
  • DONATIONS will be accepted if you'd like to give to the site


Feb 13, 2014

DISCUSSION: 3 Phases of being a Natural

 I spent the weekend with one of my friends who is newly natural. It was kinda of nostalgic listening to her ask questions about every product under the sun. I remember how clueless I used to be when I first went natural. And I remember all the mistakes I made - but each mistake led me to learning more about my hair.

i thought it'd be fun to discuss the 3 phases of being natural. Hopefully our newly natural readers can have soe faith on this journey. Believe me it will be exciting.


For many of you, the Big Chop will usher you into this Natural Hair world. Whether you transitioned (grew you hair to a desirable length without adding chemical straighteners) or just took the razor to your scalp - you are here! I'm also including the BIG REVEAL/FIRST TIME USERS as some ladies have been natural for YEARS, but covered it up by wearing weaves or braids. Nevertheless, this is the first time you've had to take care of your hair and you may be clueless.
  • Your family thinks your crazy for cutting off "all that pretty hair".
  • You've chosen a natural hair maven to copy and she's you new hair idol.
  • You and You-Tube have become best friends finding techniques that may work for you
  • Oh SNAP, you became a product junky! Curl-definers, moisturizers, shine enhancers, you have them ALL!
  • Oh yeah, everything needs to be natural - no parabans or sulfates, or heat, not here!
  • Every natural hair girl you see you ask her about her regimine, making mental notes to try that process.
  • Some days you love your hair, some days you hate it, and some days you are TWO STEPS away from going back to the creamy crack! LOL!
  • You spend your lunch-break reading natural hair blogs like Natural in Nashville.

PHASE 2:  Two Years Natural, thinking about making this a life decision

By second year of your Natural Hair journey you've got the hang of some things, but you still have questions. By now you've got a bit of length and you are trying new styles. You may even have a go-to look that you know is guaranteed to look cute and get compliments.
  • You've visited a natural hair salon and she cut your precious strands too much claiming you needed a trim. You were MAD!
  • You may have tried color or henna to enhance your style
  • You've figured out that sometimes 'un-natural' products help. 
  • You've mixed some products in your kitchen, DIY is your deal!
  • Your friends come to you for natural hair advice
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your best friend - it's in that spray bottle, in you kitchen, and even mixed in you fave shampoo.
  • You don't mind giving away products to friends. Didn't work for you, might work for her.
  • You have your 'go-to' blogs, you-tubers, and products.
  • You still have bad hair days, but nothing that an elastic head-band can't fix.
  • You think about LOC'ing your hair - you experiment with braids and extensions.
  • Sometime, you still have hair envy - your curls just don't pop the way you want all the time.

PHASE 3:  Welcome to the comfort zone!

I'm not saying that it will take you three years to get comfortable being natural, I'm saying by year three, I guarantee you'll be comfortable.  By year three (and beyond) you've found the length that works for you and the products too. No longer the product junky you once were, you've become the guru for family and friends - you may even start a blog or a You-Tube channel.
  • Some of you friends or co-workers can't remember you with relaxed hair.
  • You've had your hair heat straightened and you weren't scared about it.
  • Sometimes you are a know-it-all about your texture
  • You are thinking about Re-Chopping your hair.
  • You are no longer attached to the elastic headband, although, you know exactly where to find one.
  • You wince at the sight of a lady with broken relaxed hair
  • #TeamNatural #NaturalNazi - you don't care as long as you hair looks good.
  • Your hair has converted strangers to start the journey
  • A good trim, you know who can do it and when it's necessary.
  • You family is finally happy with the way your hair looks.
I hope you enjoyed this list. Of course alot of this is meant to be funny but some of it is very true! I just want you newly naturals to know, IT GETS BETTER it just takes patience.

Readers, where are you in your natural journey? What have you experienced?

Jan 21, 2014

SAVE THE DATE: Natural in Nashville's first OFFICIAL MEET-UP!

OH-MY-GOODNESS! Didn't I tell ya we had some big things coming for NIN in 2014?!! Well here ya go! You guys have been asking and we've obliged! Our first official meet-up is going DOWN in Nashville on March 30, 2014. In the past we've been a supporter of other meet-ups and natural hair events in Nashville, so we are super excited to do our own thing!

I can't tell you the DETAILS yet, but you know I'll keep you posted. So mark you calendars, make sure to be the first to get a ticket, because this is going to be a fun event focused on educating you about your hair!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+ to stay updated on the developments. We'll be looking for volunteers and doing a couple of ticket giveaways! The team can't wait to meet you!

Dec 2, 2013

Natural in Nashville LOGO SHIRTS!


After plenty of research, taking your suggestions, and attempting to keep prices low - the Natural in Nashville logo tee is now AVAIL! 

Click the link below to visit our new t-shirt store on! Shirts are $18-$25 depending on the size. PLUS they'll be more shirts added to the store with fun Natural Hair inspired slogans. Of course we'll try to keep the prices low with a variety of sizes.

Nov 8, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: Mary J Blige - "Reminisce"

Mary J. Blige arrives in Nashville today to lend her voice to the CMA Christmas Special set to air in December.  The special will be recorded tonight at Bridgestone Arena where Mary J. Blige and Lady Antebellum will join the line up previously announced.

Mary announced her plans for recording "A Very Mary Christmas" earlier this year, which probably solidified her on this year's roster.

Mary J. also revealed her natural hair recently and it looks like she's been growing for a while now.  When I think of some of my favorite styles of Mary's Past, I can't wait to see how she rocks her natural crown.

Naturally Mary.

Before Mary starts spreading holiday cheer, let's go back to 1992 to one of her most classic tracks.  Enjoy!


Oct 2, 2013

TICKETS: Nashville Natural Health & Wellness CONCERT and EXPO

Some of you have contacted the site trying to understand the ticket situations for the Nashville Natural Health & Wellness Expo on October 5-6, 2013. Let me break it down for ya! Check it below:

Saturday's concert: Elle Varner, Eric Benet, and Kindred the Family Soul
On Saturday, October 5 - The Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo begins with a soulful concert! At Tennessee State Univeristy's Gentry center, doors will open at 6pm with the concert starting at 7pm. Elle Varner, Eric Benet, and Kindred the Family Soul will rock the house as we celebrate the beginning of expo weekend!

CONCERT TICKETS can be purchase on NNHWE's eventbrite page - CLICK HERE
Tickets are $25 -$180 Prices include: VIP, Special Seating, and weekend combo packages

ON SUNDAY, October 6, it's EXPO DAY! More than 3000 guests are expected to pack the Gentry Center complex. Doors open at noon and expo activities will go until 8pm. 

What to expect:
  • Live Entertainment w/ Elle Varner, Kenny Lattimore, and Kindred the Family Soul
  • Celeb Appearances w/ Curly Nikki, Felicia Leatherwood, and more
  • A pampering section w/ fitness classes and giveaways
  • Knowledge building classes with local natural hair stylists
  • Lots of VENDORS and shopping

Sep 22, 2013

Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo - $5 DISCOUNT CODE!

We are just a couple of weeks away from Nashville's biggest Natural Hair and Wellness Expo!

On October 5-6 Tennessee State University will be the site for the event that will feature performances by Elle Varner and Kenny Lattimore and presentations by Curly Nikki and Felicia Leatherwood. Of course, Natural in Nashville, will be in the building representing for all the naturals in the city. You'll be able to meet the writers (Ashiya, Candice, Amber, and myself) ask questions about the site and get advice about natural hair.

And because we love you SO MUCH - we are offering a $5 discount on tix to the event. General Admission Tickets are Discounted when you use the code NINFAN or purchase tickets via THIS LINK.

Here is your chance to enjoy classes, food, education, shopping, celebrities, connections, performances and a great experience! Grab your tickets to Tennessee’s Largest Natural Hair & Wellness Expo. Come learn some of the latest and effective ways to care for your natural hair and body's wellness. We welcome you to meet Tennessee’s finest hair care professional educators and stylists as well as healthy and wellness experts.  All ticket sales are final. Children under the age of 12 are free with ticket holder.

CLICK HERE to purchase DISCOUNTED Tickets!

Sep 16, 2013

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Long Hair Must Care

One thing I've realized is I am constantly adjusting to the length of my hair.  As a matter of fact, a large part of my frustration was treating my hair like I did when it was much shorter.  I really do love leaving my new routine of using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner and when I opted for my last hot oil treatment, I had to do something about the plastic cap struggle.  It was real.  So this happened:

Braided out.

I decided to braid my hair for the hot oil treatment and allow it to air dry as usual in hopes of taming my hair. It's probably just because I had a curl at one point that I can't handle the water constantly running down my face. (Yes, you read that right.  At one point in life, I had a curl. It really happened.)  I was also hoping to add some volume and texture to my locs.  Because they are so small and long, just a small wave can make a huge difference when I wear it down or in simple styles like buns or ponytails.

Unbraided and happy. 

Because I finished up late at night, I sat under the dryer to kick off the drying process and let the braids stay in for a few days.  I would have gotten more mileage out of them if I had braided the front differently.  I did not make it easy to create cute updos at all, but it was a great process for washing my hair and protecting it during the hot oil treatment.

Unbraided and happy.

I'm happy with the results.  I plan to vary the size of the braids next time I do a hot oil treatment to see if I can create a different look.  I've braided my hair many times before, but now I'd like to see how many different textures and patterns I can discover.  I'm enjoying a few more "good hair days" and can appreciate it after so many bad ones.


If you're on Instagram, check out #naturalinnashville to see how creative I can get with this braid out and send me your styling suggestions if you have them!  

Aug 15, 2013

Natural Health and Wellness: Koya Webb

Nashville, meet Koya Webb.  Originally from Humboldt, Tennessee, Koya is a health and wellness coach, author, speaker, and professional fitness model. 

Koya brings a joyful energy to her work by keeping her workouts adventurous.  She does everything from running to surfing to acro yoga, making her workouts look like a joy instead of a chore.  

Koya is also a wonderful source of inspiration for creating healthy meals and fresh juices which she shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Koya's love for her afro - or any afro - is no secret once you meet her.  In a profession where people feel like natural hair may hold you back, Koya's transition is working for her as a model.

Koya lives in the Los Angeles area, but recently started spending more time here in Nashville and will be hosting health and wellness workshops in our area.  For more information on Koya, check out her website at  

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