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Jun 26, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson - 'What's it Gonna Be'


Just last week Janet Jackson surprised her fans with an announcement of a new tour and new music! This week, she gave a sneakpeek of the first track from her upcoming album, "No Sleep". All this Janet Jackson awesomeness had me thinking about one of my favorite songs featuring Janet, "What's it Gonna Be" by Busta Rhymes.

Listen, Janet and Busta made the future look so sexy with this avant garde video. Busta Rhymes' locs looked so cool! Janet was dominatrix realness. All together, they couple had people thinking that Busta and Janet were gonna be a thing.

But this is a hair blog, so lets talk about it. Janet has always been on front of line when it comes to hair. The box braids everyone loves became more famous when Janet wore them in the Poetic Justice movie. More than anything, Janet is always know for a great wet & wavy look. (see below)

It seems as though, Janet's natural hair falls on the curly/wavy 2b/3a texture. She's always good to find hair that mixes well with her natural texture. Making her the best candidate for always looking the most fly. No matter her age, no matter how long she stays away from the spotlight, Janet is an ICON who always mixes style, sex appeal, and genuine amazing-ness.

So, let's take a blast from the past. Watch Janet and Busta's video below. Hopefully, her next collaborations are just as fly!

Aug 22, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: "Oh MY God" - Tribe Called Quest

"Listen up everybody . . . the bottom line . . . I'm a black intellect . . . but unrefined . . ." - Q-tip

Ask anyone, who knows me, who my favorite rap group is - they will say, "Mel loves A Tribe Called Quest"! Anytime life gets hard, or I need to clean up, or I need to write, I turn on my Tribe Called Quest playlist and I get into my groove.

So, as this week progressed and the situation in Ferguson got even worse, I found myself praying for Mike Brown's family and listening to music that soothed my soul.  So what better than Tribe Called Quest's song than "Oh My God"? Because I literally said "Oh MY GOD!" every time I watched the news this week. But it's deeper than that.

The video opens up with the group going to the local bodega (convenience store) and joking with the owner. This is the same thing that police are saying Mike Brown and his friends did - except, they are saying he robbed the store.

In the video, everyone gathered in the streets to celebrate the filming of this video - no fear of police, just having fun. In Ferguson, everyone is gathered in protest - plenty of fear but plenty of solidarity.

Looking at this video, I see young black men, ready to take over the world. Looking at Ferguson, I see young people compelled to change the world, but scared of a world that doesn't want change.

This tone and vibe of this song and this video are a firm reminder of my past fun, freedom, and antics. Knowing I was poor, but not letting it define me. Why can't we, black people, kick it with friends, act the fool, and live life without fear of being misrepresented, shot at, or arrested? Why can't we be 'black intellects - but unrefined?" Oh My God - indeed.

Feb 7, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: 'Til the End of Time' - Timothy Bloom feat V

I thought this song would be a great entrance into the month of love. Just in time for Valentine's Day, I came across this song while cruising tumblr, 'Til the End of Time' by Timothy Bloom featuring V. Back in 2011, Timothy Bloom and his co-writer (then, girlfriend) V. Bozeman wrote this amazing song - then released a more amazing video to match.

Timothy Bloom and V
What I loved about this video is the iconic black love that is showcased by the beautiful couple. Their gorgeous bodies, slowly oscillating while this video goes from black and white to full color, showcasing the most beautiful brown bodies one has ever seen. It's just a sexy video. The visuals are on the edge of intimacy that is usually reserved for private times.

I don't know what happened to Timothy Bloom - but he needs to make more music. However, V. Bozeman has done well with her career, being mentored by Cee-Lo, she's working on her independent project. V has an amazing voice and her FIERCE style! She is #teamshorthair #shorthairdontcare #baldandbeautiful! I went to her website and was BLOWN AWAY by the snippets of new work coming our way. Can't wait!

LISTEN! AMAZING! Let's cut our hair NOW!
Anyway, lets get to the video. Just enjoy it and lets all collectively wish for the rebirth of amazing R&B music!

Nov 18, 2013

LINK LOVE: Janelle Monae at the Ryman via FabGlance


Did you go to the Janelle Monae at the Ryman Auditorium? I did! And I wrote about it on my fashion & lifestyle blog,

And yes, I got to see that FAMOUS pompadour in person and it's just a glorious as it appears to be in pictures. Janelle is just a gorgeous person all around. She gave a heck of a performance. The whole venue was roaring when she left the stage. Wanna know more?

CLICK HERE to read the full story!

Oct 2, 2013

TICKETS: Nashville Natural Health & Wellness CONCERT and EXPO

Some of you have contacted the site trying to understand the ticket situations for the Nashville Natural Health & Wellness Expo on October 5-6, 2013. Let me break it down for ya! Check it below:

Saturday's concert: Elle Varner, Eric Benet, and Kindred the Family Soul
On Saturday, October 5 - The Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo begins with a soulful concert! At Tennessee State Univeristy's Gentry center, doors will open at 6pm with the concert starting at 7pm. Elle Varner, Eric Benet, and Kindred the Family Soul will rock the house as we celebrate the beginning of expo weekend!

CONCERT TICKETS can be purchase on NNHWE's eventbrite page - CLICK HERE
Tickets are $25 -$180 Prices include: VIP, Special Seating, and weekend combo packages

ON SUNDAY, October 6, it's EXPO DAY! More than 3000 guests are expected to pack the Gentry Center complex. Doors open at noon and expo activities will go until 8pm. 

What to expect:
  • Live Entertainment w/ Elle Varner, Kenny Lattimore, and Kindred the Family Soul
  • Celeb Appearances w/ Curly Nikki, Felicia Leatherwood, and more
  • A pampering section w/ fitness classes and giveaways
  • Knowledge building classes with local natural hair stylists
  • Lots of VENDORS and shopping

Aug 30, 2013

Roots and Rhythym: Alex Isley, "Love/Art Memoirs"

A friend of mine introduced me to the newest generation of Isleys and I am blown away. In a world where music has become whitewashed and generic, let the melodic tones of Miss Alex Isley transport you to another galaxy, a place where music isn't made for the masses but feeds the soul. 

You can download her free Ep Love/Art Memoirs here. 

*Update shes got a new EP out which is also just as amazing, which you can download here.*

Jul 5, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"

Janelle Monae as Lisa Cage in "Dance Apocalyptic"

With another single from The Electric Lady, Janelle Monae lets her hair down and "dances until the end" in her new video "Dance Apocalyptic".  The video is part of a short film set in an alternate version of present-day America starring Monae as Lisa Cage, a perfect housewife facing the apocalypse.  No doubt this will be an interesting film, to say the least.

Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"
People unfamiliar with Janelle's music will watch the video just to see how long her hair is and I can't blame them. Its kind of comforting for it not to be so perfect for once.  The Electric Lady also parts from her formal look again and gives us some serious footwork obviously inspired by James Brown.  It does my heart good to see her hair move just as much as her feet.

Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"

And is that George Clinton giving her a ride at the end?  If so, she's definitely got her ticket to the Mothership.  Why not dance?

So, are you feeling Janelle's new song and relaxed look?

Jul 1, 2013

Natural Celebs at the BET AWARDS 2013

If you've visited our sister-site, Fab Glance Fashion & Style, you already saw that they've picked out the Best Dressed at the 2013 BET AWARDS. But, of course, Natural in Nashville had to choose the hottest natural hair looks that graced the stage and the red carpet. We have our standard ladies, but this time we have some new faces check out some of our favorites.

Erykah Badu always does her OWN THANG! The sexy eclectic soul singer kept it casual for the event. Currently rocking the blond hair, she wore this cute hair and let her puff serve as the best accessory!
Of course, Janelle Monae can do no wrong when it come to style. She rocked her classic pompadour. It's looking especially sleek lately, I'm thinking she's been rocking a smooth blowout.

Then the two ladies, closed out the show with their hit song, "Queen". Erykah switched to the blond super big wig while Janelle kept is cute.

India.Arie, looking svelte, wore cute head wraps on the red carpet and during her performance, a tribute to Charlie Wilson. I'm always here for a protective style!

Our favorite blond bombshell, Amber Rose, looked great with her classic cut. The new mom rocked this cute Versace dress and a fun summer face. LOVES IT!

Although I'm not feeling Elle Varner's outfit, her super big hair always get a thumbs up from me!

Marsha Ambrosous is never afraid to try new things with her hair. The soul singer rocked funky pink and purple highlights in her side-swept 'do!

Lastly, rapper, Wale, looked quite dapper in a bold color suit. His locs were immaculately arranged in this modified braid style. He definitely represented for the fellas!

Who was your fave?

May 10, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: Whitney Houston - 'I'm Every Woman'

I appreciate YouTube for meeting my most random needs.  After hearing one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs while running errands earlier this week, I've been watching some of her best live performances online.  I finally ended up in The Bodyguard era and thought this had to be one of the happiest time of her life.  And in my opinion, this was one of her best years in hair.

The Bodyguard, the movie and the soundtrack, were both a huge success. 

She reminded us why we fell in love with her voice with her remake of "I Will Always Love You".

It was when I watched the video for "I'm Every Woman" I knew above all else, this was one of her proudest moments.  Whitney was blooming in motherhood.  Her mother was at her side.  She shared this moment with her inspiration and women she inspired to be their best. 
"Whatever you want, whatever you need
Anything you want done, baby, I'll do it naturally
  'Cause I'm every woman 
Its all in me, its all in me."
As we prepare to celebrate Mother's Day, the joy and love in this video - and song - remind me of the beauty we exerience in life because of our mother.  In honor of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins that move through the trials and triumphs of motherhood with their head held high and their heart leading the way, thank you!  You are every woman!
Happy Mother's Day!

May 3, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: Janelle Monae ft Erykah Badu - 'Queen'

You know the NIN team are fans of Ms. Janelle Monae - so you know we are BUMPING the new Janelle Monae song featuring Erykah Badu. Who better to collaborate on a song than these two ladies - they are so eclectic yet soulful. Oh yeah, let's not forget these ladies are GORGEOUS! The new song, 'Queen', talks about breaking through the social stereotypes that tend to label some as ghetto, ratchet, freaks, and generally different.
"Even if it makes others uncomfortable
I wanna love who I am
Even if it makes other uncomfortable
I will love who I am"

In the video Erykah and Janelle play come-to-life exhibits in a futuristic funk museum. True to form Janelle rocks her black and white uniform - however she adds cute details to give the viewer some fun looks. I'm loving how Janelle can give you sexy, yet still be covered up! Show 'em how it's done girl! And our girl., Erykah has flipped the script - rocking two cute blond wigs and an retro mod jumpsuits. Go 'head ladies!

Seriously, the video made me like the song much more. You can purchase "Queen" on itunes. The song will be featured on Janelle's new album, Electric Lady, due Fall 2013.

Mar 22, 2013

EVENT: KidElectric Concerts presents India.Arie Tribute Concert

Ok, NIN readers, you gotta make your way to this event! TONIGHT Kid Electric presents India.Arie's Acoustic Soul the debut album from the singer who taught so many of us that it was OK to be and love yourself.

Local Nashville artists will perform songs from the album ('Video', 'Strength, Courage & Wisdom', 'Brown Skin', etc) putting their own charisma on the productions. I'm telling you, you don't want to miss this wonderful event. Plus it's a great time to hear awesome music by Nashville's most talented artists.

Oh yeah, 25% of the proceeds go to Thistle Farms and extension of the Magdalene House. The Magdalene House is a non-profit organization that helps women who come from dire situations (homelessness, domestic violence, and/or prostitution). Thistle Farms makes all-natural bath & body products as a way to fund and provide therapy for the participants. I've tried their products - YES - they are so good!

Our writer, Toya, created/manages Kid Electric Concerts. Kid Electric fuses our favorite music with a philanthropic focus. Going to one of Toya's concerts was how we became friends.

So come out! The show starts at 9p and tickets are $10 at the door.  Get there early as the venue is sure to fill up quick! See ya tonight!
From Kid Electric:  Kid Electric Concerts was created in an effort to give a platform to some of Nashville's best kept secrets in the music community all the while raising money for some of Nashville's lesser known but much needed community service organizations. It is our belief that our music community and our community based organizations are an integral part of what makes Nashville great.

Mar 15, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: Tony Toni Tone - Slow Wine

Tony, Toni, Tone has always been for the natural sistas. I mean, the boys tended to rock natural hairstyles that women lust for. I think Raphael Saadiq has had more hairstyles than most women. Anyway, thanks to VH1Soul, I was reminded of the group's hit underground song, "Slow Wine". This video features some much natural hair 90's goodness, you'll smell the patchouli and baby oil through the screen. ENJOY!

Nov 16, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Chrisette Michele, "Charade"

Chrisette Michele has been one of my favorites since she stepped on the scene. In the past month she's debuted a new body and a fancy new haircut. She talked about her health journey with Curly Nikki HERE - citing that she became vegan, going back to tap dancing lessons, changing her hair, and her new mix-tape, Audrey Hepburn Mixtape (Dec 8).

Below is the Derek Blanks directed video for the first song from her mix-tape  "Charades". I'm loving her updated style and I'm loving this video. Her hair is making me want to cut my hair! Ugh! I'll wait though.

This video is very chic and an obvious nod to Ms. Breakfast at Tiffany's  herself, Audrey Hepburn. Check out the video below!

Oct 12, 2012

ROOTS & Rhythm: Elle Varner 'I Don't Care'

We've mentioned Elle Varner on the site numerous times. She's super cool, has a great voice, and awesome hair. I chose her newest video for Roots & Rhythm because it has lots of natural hair goodness and it gives us a good lesson on tolerance. From Elle Varner's newest video, "I Don't Care," preaches acceptance for all forms of love. The sexy video features three interracial couples, including one gay couple, who experience rejection and turmoil for their love. It's a really good song with great visuals to drive the point home: love is love is love!

Oh yeah, Elle is really riding the train to success - at the end of the year she'll be opening for Nas at Radio City Music Hall! Now that's cool!

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Sep 21, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Terence Trent D'Arby "Wishing Well"

When Terence Trent D'Arby hit the scene in 1987 with his debut album Introducing The Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby, he was a pretty unique artist even with all of the Prince comparisons. With a voice that  was strong, gritty and bigger than he was, he had the moves like James Brown and was rockin' the braids when plenty of his contemporaries were rocking S-Curl's. 

After a few successful albums...and a stint as a blonde....

D'Arby later changed his name in 1995 to Sananda Maitreya.  He  is now wearing locs and continues to make music from his home in Milan with his band The Nudge Nudge.

To find out more about the artist formerly known as Terence Trent D'Arby, check out his website

Jun 22, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Sabrina Starke "Sunny Days"

A friend of mine just put me on to Dutch soul singer Sabrina Starke and I am completely in love with her music right now. It looks like I have a lot of catching up to do too since she first debuted in 2008 and has released three albums since then.

Starke first hit the scene with her debut album Yellow Brick Road which yielded her a hit song overseas called "Do for Love".   Her follow up album Bags and Suitcases was released in 2010 and had a hit with the her bubbly single "Sunny Days".

She's back out now this summer and is no longer rocking the locks but a clean shaven head and a new look.  Her new album, Outside the Box, which features her new single "This Time Around", is less reminiscent of India.Arie. and more reminiscent of Estelle and Amy Winehouse.

It's a bit hard to find information on her because she is an artist from the Netherlands. About everything I've found on her is written in Dutch.  However, her new album is available on iTunes and you can also check her out on Spotify and on her Youtube channel. With a great voice like hers and a hot new album,  I sincerely hope she joins the list of overseas soul singers making their mark stateside sooner than later.

Apr 20, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Dionne Farris "Hopeless"

*Sigh* Love Jones. I remember when this came out and what a big deal it was. And that soundtrack! Who can forget this hit by former Arrested Development member Dionne Farris? When Dionne Farris first hit the scene with her first hit "I Know",it was around the same time that I did my Big Chop. I remember getting a lot of comparisons, so much so that I'd be in public and hear people singing it as I walked by! I miss my TWA sometimes. Although I can't wait to rock a huge curly fro, there's nothing like the initial feeling of freedom after The Big Chop. Take a trip down memory lane with Natural in Nashville and watch this video with cameos from American Idol's Randy Jackson and the song's composer and Neo-Soul fave,Van Hunt.

Apr 19, 2012

Local Natural: AllahMagnetic

Jabriel also known as AllahMagnetic
Well well well... look who we have here. Say hello to Jabriel. You may know him as AllahMagnetic. Sometime between my last post and now, I went to Sound Therapy in Nashville (a chill open mic for independent artists of all genres and spoken word artists). I thought AllahMagnetic was the DJ (and he is), but it's pretty cool to learn that he was also the co-founder. He's been growing his locs for almost 17 years now.

Me: What made you decide to start locs?
Jabriel: Every king must have his crown.

That's a direct quote. Yeah... we're going to pretend like I didn't swoon a bit over the fact that Lil Wayne had nothing to do with his hair choice. Anyway, if you see AllahMagnetic on the DJ table at Sound Therapy, or if you see Jabriel on the streets, say hello. And let him know you saw him on Natural in Nashville.

Bonus picture: This was him trying to be serious before
I coaxed that smile out of him in the first picture.

Feb 24, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm- D`Angelo "Lady" (remix)

Confession: Until D'Angelo hit the scene a little over ten years ago, I was not down with grown men wearing cornrows. Like, at all. However D'Angelo started a trend that not only grew in popularity but eventually grew on me too. I actually don't mind cornrows on grown men now.

Not on you though, David Beckham. No sir.

I think D'Angelo's whole style from the cornrows to the baggy jeans and the Timberlands said that it was cool to be rugged yet sensitive. A little rough around the edges yet romantic. And that's why his songs quickly became such classics. His music reflects all of those qualities.

As of January, D'Angelo is now back on the scene after a long twelve year hiatus. He is rockin' short braids now, looking good and sounding like he never left.

Do you think he'll start another trend with the way he's wearing his hair now? Hopefully he'll bring his tour from overseas to the states and we'll soon find out. In the meantime, check out the remix of his hit "Lady" featuring AZ.

Jan 25, 2012

MUSIC: Elle Varner mixtape, Conversational Lush

The NIN TEAM loves hot new artist, Elle Varner - her hair is amazing and her voice is a candy-coated dream! On Tuesday she released a mixture of all new music. I'm sure this a prelude to her new album due in the spring.

Well, who doesn't love free music? Click the link below to download your free copy if Elle's new mixtape, CONVERSATIONAL LUSH.


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