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Aug 5, 2014

LINK LOVE: helps you recover from HEAT DAMAGE


It happens to the best of naturals; HECK, it happened to me! HEAT DAMAGE! 
It's one of the reasons lots of Natural Haired ladies don't experience the growth they'd like to see. And it's one of the most difficult mistakes to fix when it's noticed. published a great article on recovering your hair after using too much heat.

The point of the matter is, once damage is completed, you have to be diligent about your routine to regain your curl pattern. Sometimes it's just changing your shampoo/conditioner routine, your diet, or you may even have to get a hair cut! 

But it's all a step on the journey of healthy natural hair.

Dec 5, 2013

LINK LOVE: Face Oil recipes for DRY winter skin

OH-EM-GEE! This weather is making my my skin dryer than a sheet of paper! I've always had dry skin on my body; dealt with eczema as a youngster. So, I'm well versed on slathering on the oils and moisterizers on my body. And of course, if you're BLACK, you know not to leave the house ashy! LOL!

However, my face, my precious face! I've always had normal/oil skin on my face, but now as I've gotten older, my face is DRY! Like, ashy face, dry! NAW SON! So being the 'natural-ish' girl that I am, I started combing the internet for simple, homemade, face oils to help me deal with dry skin. Because, knowledge is power, I thought you'd like to know the great article I found about making you own face oil.

Of course, you can buy designer, pre-made face oils but creating you own allows you to find a combination that will work well for you. Check out this article on Crunchy Betty where she helps us using three oil-based ingredients to make the best face oil for you dry skin:
" . . . before those of you with oily skin run away, let me tell you this: Do not be afraid of oil. It is your friend. ESPECIALLY if you wash your face with something that strips your natural oils. Replacing those oils with something nourishing should make your face very, very happy (and potentially less oily and blemishy)." - Leslie aka Crunchy Betty

Nov 14, 2013

LINK LOVE: '3 Reasons to Use Heat' via Natural Hair Rules

Blow-out before a re-chop (source)
Natural Hair Rules just posted a great article on their website about how INDIRECT heat can work for your advantage. I'm here to tell you that indirect heat can be a blessing - especially as you hair get longer, thicker, and more dense. Sometimes, just getting the excess water out of your hair and stretching your hair can aid and ease in styling:

"You don’t  have sit under the hooded dryer or bonnet dryer until your hair has completely dry, you just want to stay under long enough so that your hair is at least semi-dry or set. This may take anywhere from 10-15 minutes or 30-45 minutes depending on your hair." (source)

Natural Hair Rules gives you three great reasons to use heat on your hair. Add these options to your routine and you may be surprised.

READ MORE ON Natural Hair Rules

Oct 30, 2013

LINK LOVE: Worked for you, didn't work for me! via Eden Hansom

Worked for you, didn't work for me!
I was reading one of my favorite blogs, "Leave Your Feelings At the Door", by Eden Hansom and she wrote a post that I knew I had to link. She listed some natural hair techniques/products that never worked for her. I know we've all bamboozled by the thought of AWESOME hair via some product or service. For me it was:
Click below to read what Eden said didn't work for her then let us know what products other naturals swear by but NEVER worked for you.

Sep 25, 2013

LINK LOVE: The Good Hair Blog says "Patience with Protective Styling"

Picture courtesy of The Good Hair Blog
One of my favorite bloggers, Alex of The Good Hair Blog, has been on a quest to grow her hair. Almost a year ago she cut her hair to even out her strands. Since then, she's been using protective styling as a way to protect her hair, maintain length, and allow her hair to rest. Alex says,
"I love my thickness but it's so nice to have a break. I miss my puff sometimes BUT for the most part practicing patience and seeing my growth is more important than wearing my hair loose."
NIN readers know, I (Melissa) am a fan of a protective style! My super coily hair is prone to dryness and single-strand knots, so protective styles like crochet installations, weaves, and braids help me to maintain length.

CLICK HERE to read Alex's tips for having patience with your protective style

May 30, 2013

LINK LOVE: KisforKinky explains the benefits of Black Soap

Traditional Black soap with no additives

I'm willing to try anything once. So when it comes to the 'natural hair' and 'natural beauty' life I'm usually up for the challenge. You tell me it may benefit me, I'll give it a try. However, the only thing I haven't tried is African Black Soap! Many people use black soap for acne, skin discolorations, psoriasis, and oily skin, having great results with regular use. It's crazy, because I know the benefits are amazing but I've never used the product.
black soap works by cleansing the skin but without harsh chemicals and is not your regular run-of-the-mill antibacterial grocery store soap. the “authentic” recipe for black soap calls for cocoa pod, roasted plantain skins, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, palm oil and natural sodium. (source)

Well, I'm happy to share this post from where she shares the pros/cons and benefits of using this all natural soap powerhouse. After reading her post, I think I'll give black soap a try.

CLICK HERE to read more

May 8, 2013

Link Love: BGLH gives us 5 tweaks for longer hair

It's always good to find ways to upgrade your technique. That's why I chose to re-post this article from Black Girl, Long Hair, "5 Simple Tweaks that Lead to Stronger, Longer Hair". Sometimes, adding that simple technique opens the door for better hair-care. And face it, we are all looking for ways to have a better regimen, longer hair, or stronger hair with less breakage.

Take a look this tip:

Detangle BEFORE washing:  The worst mistake many people make especially after long term protective styling, is not detangling hair before washing. This simple step is really good at eliminating tangles that will get exacerbated with hair shrinkage during the wash . . . (source)

Click here to read more

Apr 24, 2013

Discussion: Would you shave your head? She did!

One of my FAVORITE YouTubers did what some women think is unthinkable - she shaved her head!

If you don't know, this is Shameless Maya, a photographer, actress, and blogger. She started a personal journey one year ago to be more, well, shameless! Basically, she wanted to get over her fears and promote herself, gifts, and her talents. Maya started uploading inspirational videos documenting her career and her life in New York. Through this journey she has become quite the YouTube sensation gaining 70,000 fans and more than 2million views.

When you watch Maya's videos you are instantly drawn in by her bubbly personality and, quite frankly, her lucious curls! Maya realized that her curls were catching alot of attention and decided to shave her head on the one year anniversary of her 'Shameless' journey.

Although many women, big chop/shave their head at the beginning of their natural hair journey, not many would shave it again after reaching armpit length. Maya attributed her decision to releasing her fear of what most women hold on to - that our hair is the most important thing about us. Think about it, we spend more time and money on our hair than most of our personal beauty products.  In a video announcing her decision, Maya told viewers that she  wanted to inspire women to live life more freely.

Wearing a t-shirt with her signature catch phrase, "Do YOU BOO!", Maya and her cousin, Jeigh, completed the task. As she bundled her hair in 18 ponytails, ready to donate to a non-profit organization, you can see the anxiety on Maya's face. Over the course of 45 minutes we see the locks of hair being clipped off and her hair taken down to peach fuzz level. The self-describes Shameless girl shed a tear as she saw her bald head for the first time. But immediately she fell in love with her new look.  Could you imagine doing it?! Check the video, below, and watch Maya transform.

Follow Maya on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Apr 8, 2013

Melissa's Hair: My hair for Nashville Fashion Week

Last week I was invited to report on Nashville Fashion Week (NFW). Since 2010, Nashville Fashion Week has presented local and national designers to our fair town. The proceeds benefit The Community Foundation and help upcoming designers present their vision to the world by starting on our small stage.

As a fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist I always work hard to present have cute wardrobe options to my readers as I attend various events. Now, that I write about natural hair, I wanted to make sure that I presented several hair options for you, my Natural in Nashville, readers.

Many times, women don't let go of the relaxer because they think there aren't alot of styling options available for women with natural hair. Most of the time, women aren't comfortable exploring their new style and have fear that people will make fun or think they look 'crazy' when they rock a different look. Don't let your hair lock you in a cage of emotions and fear.

Below are several hair looks I rocked for Nashville Fashion Week. I hope you are inspired to try a new style.

Day 1 - After coming straight from a family vacation, I went right into NFW. My hair was a shrunken mess and I had no time to wash and deep condition.  So I rocked my 'go-to' style - the Marley Bun. I have a Marley Bun tutorial on our YouTube page - click here. Basically, I pulled my hair into a ponytail then attached the Marley style braiding hair to my hair giving my bun more volume and finesse. Everyone love it!

Day 2 and 3 - Now into the swing of the week, I knew I didn't want to manipulate my hair too much. I went to my local hair store and purchase a half-wig or fall. This is a synthetic hair piece created by FreeTress (style - Creta Girl, color -1B). The piece was really long, so I cut it to bob length to allow for more volume. Underneath, I washed and conditioned my hair then put my hair in flat twists to protect it. I left the bang area out. Using wigs or falls is great way to switch up your look. I used a little water and mousse on my bang area to help my hair blend into the curl pattern of the synthetic hair.

Day 4 - It wad time to switch the style up again. This time I wanted to go for a bold dramatic look because the runway shows were bold and dramatic. I pulled out my old african print fabric that I purchased from the African Street Festival in Nashville. I fashioned the fabric into a high bun and went on. This was the easiest style and my hair stayed protected under the scarf/turban. Click here for a quick/easy turban tutorial on YouTube.

Day 5 - The last day of NFW I was tired yet excited. I made through a whole week and now I was done. What to do with my hair? I finally released my hair from the flat-twists that I rocked under my half-wig and my turban. My hair had great volume so I used two hair combs on each side of my hair and fashioned my hair into a Mohawk. For a bit more dramatic volume, I added some clip in extensions. The extensions are DIY and I used Jazz Water synthetic hair by FreeTress

So there you have it! The four ways I rocked my hair for Nashville Fashion Week. Fun, flirty, elgant, and free, I was able to exhibit various styles for each night.

Apr 4, 2013

LINK LOVE: The Kitchen Salon's Locked Hair Guide

Thank you to The Kitchen Salon for their comprehensive guide to starting, maintaining and styling locs!

The Locked Hair guide shares everything from how locs are formed to choosing the methods best for specific hair types.  The guide also covers different techniques from sisterlocks to interlocking and Bradelocz.

For more details and tips for new and mature locs, you can read The Locked Hair Guide here.

Mar 22, 2013

Link Love: Alex's Peppermint Hair & Body Pudding


You know the NIN team are fans of whipping up our own body butters and hair balms. After last month's post teaching you all about carrier and essential oils, you should be well versed in mixing up your own recipes. Whipping up your own butters and hair oils helps with the cost of buying all those expensive designer products.

The Good Hair Blog

I was reading one of my favorite natural hair blogs, The Good Hair Blog, ran by blogger Alexandra when I came across her recipe for peppermint hair & body pudding! OOOOOH WEEE!! I cannont wait to try this!

The recipe mixes Shea butter, peppermint oil, coconut oil, manuka honey, and jojoba for a pudding like product that can be used from head to toe. You know I'm headed to Ebay to buy these products and get to mixing! Click the link below for the recipe.

Alex's Peppermint Hair & Body Pudding

Feb 27, 2013

Link Love: Stylist Johnny Wright talks about Michelle Obama's cute cut


We all know that Michelle Obama is 'slick' #teamnatural right? I remember a very old post on Essence of her talking about how she and the girls were chemical free but she does get her hair pressed and wears hair pieces. 

Well, Natasha, over at got an exclusive interview with Mrs. O's personal hairstylist, Johnny Wright! Johnny get all up in them edges and gives us some dish about Mrs. O's trademark style, his contribution to Black History, and those BANGS!

And when it came to those bangs, he said,
"It was a collaborative effort. The First Lady said she wanted to do something different. But we didn't think it would make that big of an impression! Some people loved it and some people hated it and that's what's great about it." (source)

Jan 30, 2013

Link Love: How to Get Your Wash and Go Curls to Hang

Cassidy of Natural

To all my Wash and Go girls: Is it just me or do some people not get that the Wash and Go struggle is real?  Those of us about that W&G life know that there are about fifteen steps between washing and going.  One of the hardest things sometimes is getting some hang time with your curls. Right now my hair is in an in between stage so the curls just aren't always hanging on their own. They need some extra assistance which usually consist of some Paul Mitchell gel, raking, heavy sighing, drying and a lot of patience.

This week I came across an article on Black Girl Long Hair where Cassidy from the blog Natural Selection shares with readers her Dickey (of Hair Rules) approved technique for elongating your curls.  After reading it, I definitely see how changing my washing routine up a little bit may help my curls to start swinging.  The technique is easy enough and definitely worth a shot.  Check it out here.

Jan 21, 2013

LINK LOVE: DIY Recipes for Natural hair sealants

Refined Shea Butter

I guess everyone is on the homemade/DIY tip for making their own sealants and balms for natural hair. Last week I posted about essential oils and carrier oils to help with moisture retention. Black Girl Long Hair just posted three awesome recipes for DIY Homemade moisture balms and sealants. Click the link below and take a look:

FROM BGLH: Whipped Shealoe with Grapeseed Oil – great non-greasy sealant

- ½ cup unrefined shea butter
- ¼ cup aloe vera gel
- 2 tbsp grapeseed oil
- 1 tsp pure honey (some say it helps to lengthen the moisturizer’s shelf life)

Melt the shea butter slightly in a pot on the stove or by warming over a hot water bath. Do this until the butter is soft but not completely melted. Whip the butter with a hand mixer until fluffy. Add the grapeseed oil and honey to the shea butter. Whip again. Finally add the aloe vera gel. Whip all the ingredients together on low speed. Cover the mixture and store in a dry cool place.

CLICK HERE for more easy DIY recipes

Nov 28, 2012

LINK LOVE: Genetics and your hair journey

My friend Sabrina and I, December 2011 (2 years of being natural)

When I saw the video below, posted by Laila Jean of Fusion of Cultures on YouTube I knew I had to post it. In the video, Laila talks about how genetics plays a HEFTY role in hair growth. So many times, I see newly chemical free girls get frustrated when their hair isn't growing as quickly as they think it should be growing. The video reminded me of how I felt when I went natural at the same time as my friend Sabrina.

My friend Sabrina and I (above) started our natural hair journey roughly around the same time. There's nothing like seeing how fast (or slow) your hair grows when you start comparing it to someone else's hair. You may drive yourself crazy comparing your growth and texture to that person. In those early stages of your natural journey it's hard not to compare and it's hard not to let envy or jealousy creep in.

I watched as my friend's hair started growing, her curls started popping, and her hair texture was getting silky - she even had a bit of 'hangtime' 6 months into her journey. For me, my hair got more fluffy, more kinky, and just grew UP - no hang-time for me. At the same stage of growth, Sabrina's curls looked like she was months ahead of me.

I almost let the natural hair jealousy take over - but I realized, we had different genetics. When Sabrina's hair was relaxed, it usually grew pretty long - past her shoulders. When my hair was relaxed the longest it got was my shoulder. I'm 50% native African (my dad is from Sierra Leone), naturally, my hair would be a bit kinkier like my ancestors. Sabrina's mom has naturally long hair and her dad's hair is kinda curly. She was definitely going to have a different texture than my hair. After realizing those facts, and many more, I got over curl envy and worked with the hair growing out of my head.

The video is a little long but is FULL of important info about genetics, growing long natural hair, hair porosity, and enjoying your journey. Take a look!

Nov 20, 2012

LINK LOVE: Natural Hair products on sale during Black Friday

One of my favorite shopping days of the year happens this week! Black FRIDAY - best day for in-store retail shoppin! Oh yeah, don't forget it's sister, Cyber Monday (best internet deals of the holiday season). Well, below, is a link to all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on these internet streets! Shout-out to Derby City Naturals for compiling this wonderful list!

Check out some of the deals below:

  • Miss Jessies Sunday 11/18 thru 12/15
    • BOGO Free product + Free Shipping No Coupon Code
  • Mozeke Products Friday 11/23 Midnight CST 
    • Save 25-50% off all inventory No Coupon Code
  • Naturally Smooth As Friday 11/23 thru 12/31
    • 12% off with code: HOLIDAY12
    • 3 x 2oz butters & 3 x 2oz shampoo bars for $20
  • Nyenzo Natural Boutique Wednesday 11/21 – Friday 11/23
    • 15% off total order + Free shipping on orders $45+ no coupon code
  • Ouidad Monday 11/19 – Tuesday 11/27
    • 25% off everything with code: FFCURL
  • Oyin HandmadeFriday 11/23 – Monday 11/26
    • 20% off everything in store. No coupon code
    • Free domestic shipping with order $60+ code: thisisblackfriday

list will be updated daily

Nov 16, 2012

Roots 'n Rhythm: Chrisette Michele, "Charade"

Chrisette Michele has been one of my favorites since she stepped on the scene. In the past month she's debuted a new body and a fancy new haircut. She talked about her health journey with Curly Nikki HERE - citing that she became vegan, going back to tap dancing lessons, changing her hair, and her new mix-tape, Audrey Hepburn Mixtape (Dec 8).

Below is the Derek Blanks directed video for the first song from her mix-tape  "Charades". I'm loving her updated style and I'm loving this video. Her hair is making me want to cut my hair! Ugh! I'll wait though.

This video is very chic and an obvious nod to Ms. Breakfast at Tiffany's  herself, Audrey Hepburn. Check out the video below!

Nov 9, 2012

LINK LOVE: Chescalocs' Petaled Loc Fro Tutorial

Franchesca Ramsey of Chescalocs does it again with clear, simple directions that create a complicated look.

The Petaled Loc Fro is not only beautiful, but it could double as a protective style as the winter months approach.  I'm definitely adding this one to the "must try" list.

Nov 1, 2012

LINK LOVE: When Co-Washing isn't enough via BGLH

According to Natural Hair Community (online) a Co–Wash is "the act of washing your hair with conditioner only so that it is not stripped of its natural oils. It is often done on dry, damaged hair. This method can be used daily and is often referred to as conditioner wash."

Sometimes I co-wash and sometimes I don't. Personally, I haven't found that co-washing my hair aids in better moisture. That's why this natural hair life is so confusing. So many people have found success in co-washing, and some don't. It's all about individual hair strands. 

Clearly, the science of co-washing may be a bit conflicting. Think about it; you are NOT washing your hair, but rinsing your hair and adding conditioner to it. If you do this all the time, your hair is NEVER really clean. Question: Would you take a shower and only use lotion to cleanse your skin? NO! So why would you ONLY co-wash all the time?

That's where clearifying shampoos come into place. Check out the article on Black Girl With Long Hair that breaks down the reasons when co-washing may not be enough. Click the link below:

Oct 22, 2012

Curly Hair Growth Chart by

So, came up with this COOL info-graphic about what . . . curly hair growth! It's a great way to remind yourself about your hair growth goals and not get so caught up when your hair isn't growing as fast as quickly as you'd like. ENJOY!
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