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Sep 22, 2015

HAIR LUST: Bombshell Blonde

Nothing like the freedom of the shortest of short cuts. Color your hair any way you'd like, you're just gonna shave it off. I've had friends who've rocked the short hair look for years, and have no thoughts of growing it long. That's the glory of hair . . . do what you like until you're ready to do something else. Be the bomb!

Sep 2, 2015

HAIR LUST: Lovely Last Days

Hello SEPTEMBER! We are approaching the last days of summer. Can you believe the year is passing by so quickly. Luckily, in Tennessee, true Fall weather doesn't come until October. So, you have several weeks to rock your bikinis and cut-off shorts. Oh yeah, let that hair flow free as well. Celebrat September with a wonderful fro! 

Aug 12, 2015

HAIR LUST: Curl-friends stick together

Anytime I find a photo that identifies several hair types in one photo - I have to post it. So, when I saw this photo, I knew it had to be shared on the site. 

How many of you have curl-friends? You know, the friends that you share hair tips with, exchange products, and wax poetic about the world of haircare? That's your curl-friend! Take a photo with your curl-friend, post it on the social
media, and tag us -> #naturalinnashville! 

Jul 19, 2015

HAIR LUST: Beauty and Twisted Updo

This year's summer heat has been relentless. Add to that, humidity, and I would blame you if you shave your head  this summer. Ok, don't shave your head, but try a fly twisted updo for a quick style. I love this look (but y'all know I love braids and twists). Protective styling doesn't  always have to include fake hair or extensions. Using your hair for this style is just as fly. 

Have you tried an updo this summer?

Jul 14, 2015

HAIR LUST: Wavy Lady

Natural hair comes in every length, curl pattern, and color! It's like magical. I saw this photo on Pinterest and had to post. As much as I love a fro that reaches sky-high, I love long flowing waves. This hair is amazing too! 

What's your favorite hair style in natural hair? Let us know in the comments section. 

Jul 7, 2015

Hair Lust: Basic Beautiful Braids

The summer in Tennessee is not really that bad. I mean, it's hot, don't get me wrong. But, MY GIRL, this HUMIDITY! That's the worse. Why? Because we are water-logged. The only beach in Tennessee belongs to a lake or a river. Anyway, how do you keep your hair maintained? Protective style!

 I love this simple braided style by Instagrammer, Monique Renae (@curlygirlmomo). It's a great way to keep you hair from your face, protected, and humidity proof.

How do you deal with heat and humidity? Let us know in the comments section.

Jun 23, 2015

HAIR LUST: Let it grow!


Summer is the perfect time for perfecting wash-go's and letting your hair flow. These 90 degree temperatures are telling you to try air-drying your hair. Allow those kinks, curls, and coils soak up the sun. Let your hair flow free. Happy Summer!

Jun 9, 2015

HAIR LUST: Let your hair down

This picture is just glorious and screams summertime! So many times we tend to wear our hair up when the summer comes, so this picture is a gentle reminder to let your hair down sometime. Put on a pretty floral crown and let your soul glo! 

Happy summer! 

May 26, 2015

HAIR LUST: Full Body Beauty

Why do we always want what we don't have?! I'm looking at her hair and I'm lusting like crazy! She has that wonderful thickness that allows for styles that have a ton of body. I'm sure her hair has challenges, but man, it's nice to dream. This style looks like the result of an easy twist-out. Sigh, the irony of being natural; always wanting someone else's hair, while someone looks at you and wants your hair!

May 19, 2015

HAIR LUST: Long and Terrific Twists

You know I'm a fan of braid extentions! So this lovely model's long twists are just my fancy. And long twists are a great protective style for the summer . . . shoot, for any season. These twists look pretty easy to install too! It's always good to have a nice style to give you a break from your hair.

Would you rock these long twists?

May 12, 2015

HAIR LUST: Summer Flower Crown

The warm weather is here for the long-haul and it has me thinking about my summer hair. I've never been one for flowers, but looking at this model with her gorgeous fro and flower crown has me thinking about trying it. My brother's wedding is coming up, in August, this is going in my 'might try it' file. I'll keep y'all posted.

What are some styles you looking to try for the summer?

Apr 30, 2015

Hair Lust: Curl Twins

It's already fly to see one amazing lady with awesome curls, but two! I'm in curl love! I don't know the name of these twins, but their hair is AMAZING! Do you have a curl-twin or even a curl sister? Let us know in the comments section!

Apr 22, 2015

HAIR LUST: Big Bold Fro


Spring is here and summer is around the corner. It's time to bust out your big fro. I'm a fan of protective styling during the cold weather months and rocking the curls and kinks during the warm weather months. Spring/Summer is a time to be carefree. Let your fro fly like this lovely lady!

Apr 14, 2015

Hair Lust: Big hair, no cares

Big giant curly hair! If, when you first went natural, you didn't dream of hair like this, you arent normal. LOL! Just kidding, but, we can't deny this isn't an amazing photo and the model's hair isn't EVERYTHING! Is big, giant, curly hair your goal? Let me know in the comments section.

Mar 17, 2015

HAIR LUST: Green with Envy

In the spirit of Saint Patrick's day I thought I'd share these lucky green locs! EVERYTIME I search for a photo to share on our Hair Lust segment, I'm always amazed at how creative people can be with their hair and how many styles one can create. 

This lady is not only gorgeous but her looks are amazing! Have you tried a new color on your hair? Let us know in the comments section. 

Mar 10, 2015

HAIR LUST: Short and Curly

Ok, is she not the most gorgeous woman ever! Geesh! Now, her hair, just makes you wanna cut your hair again. Like, for real, every time I see a short tapered cut, I want to cut my hair. But then when I see long luxurious hair, I want to grow mine out. Oh, the life of being natural! Anyway, let's give it up for gorgeous hair.

Mar 4, 2015

Hair Lust: Real Curls and high puffs

Now that my hair is growing back, I'm getting ready to go back to some of my old-school techniques and styles. And nothing works better than that high puff. Ladies, if you haven't mastered the high puff (once you have the length) you need to get to practicing. It's super simple and takes easily one item - an elastic headband. The more you push it forward the higher it goes. Try it!

Feb 25, 2015


I'll say it once and I'll say it again, NATURAL HAIR IS SO VERSATILE! Add to that the remarkable amount of natural textured extensions and you can have a 'good hair day' everyday! No need to worry about damaging your precious strands trying to achieve color, just add extensions. You can be a blond bombshell one day and a jet-black warrior the next. This picture illustrates just that. The model is working this look and it's given me some inspiration. Hmm . . . maybe I'll add some color soon . . . we shall see.

Does this look inspire you? Let me know in the comments section!

Jan 20, 2015

HAIRLUST: Big Bold Hair

What can be said about this model's hair that can be better than just looking at the photo? Her big bold hair is one to be sought after. I'm sure she has her hair difficulites, like most of us, but still her hair is just GORGEOUS! I love when kinkier textures can be shown in a longer lengths. Just beautiful!

Jan 12, 2015

Hair Lust: Naturally Nashville

Browsing through instagram last night I stumbled upon this photo shot by Nashville photographer, Ernie Passwaters. It floored me! This year I vow to share more NASHVILLE on Natural on Nashville. 

This gorgeous photo was shot by a Nashville photographer, using Nashville models, and a Nashville makeup artist (Char Braden). If you didn't know that Nashville was a powerhouse in the arena of hair and beauty, you should know now. 

Make sure to support these beauty professionals. Stay tuned for more Nashville collaborations on Natural in Nashville. 
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