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Aug 10, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: No Heat Challenge

It's been little over a month I believe when I started the no heat challenge and in proud to say I'm still going strong.

I've still been rocking wigs. I've been experimenting with different curl patterns and lengths but I'm anxious to try some different colors. 
My Sensationnel Empress Lace Wig Style in style Jenna after I cut bangs 
My Express Weave Las Mogan half wig in 1B. Purchased at
I am hesitant to get any bold, bright colors like platinum blonde or red because of my job (I am a journalists), but I do want to experiment with some soft browns or regular blonde. 

I recently ordered a curly wig in the color 1b/30. I am excited to see what it will look like and maybe it will push me to try another color. 

When it comes to wigs there are three things I consider. 
1. Style- most of the time I get half wigs. But when I want to wear a wig with bangs I make sure to get a lace front wig and not a u part. Not really much I can do with a u part wig because I either only want a small amount of hair out or no hair out at all.  
2. Texture-because I leave out some of my hair in the front for most of my half wigs I have to find a texture that is similar to my natural hair texture. I can't get any wig that looks too fake, curly or tight. My hair texture is 4b. 
3. Price-this is the most important. I try not to spend over $30 over any wig I buy including taxes and shipping.

I'll probably continue to wear wigs until the end of the month and then get box braids before my beach vacation. I plan on making some more YouTube videos on the maintenance of my wigs so stay tuned! In the meantime below is a tutorial I watched on how to cut bangs in a wig:

Jul 20, 2015

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Finding My Style

Over the last month, I've noticed an interesting difference in my energy towards my hair.

I've finally started to relax. I am comfortable enough with the maintenance at this length and it shows in how I view hair in general. At this point, I'm all in the product game again. There's not one product that I absolutely love; most of what I use is "doing the job", but I am still on the hunt for something that my hair cannot live without. I've been here before. We all have. It's that game of trial and error combined with self-awareness and vigilance. That point in the game where the slightest change can shut a product down completely without a second thought.

Practicing Kemetic Yoga™ at Soul Yoga Fest Chicago. I added some texture for the day.

Jun 23, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: New Curly Wig

So in my last hair diary I told you all about my desperate desire for long hair.I decided to quench my thirst for length by investing in a curly half wig. And yes I did say invest because I plan on keeping it for a while...and if not the wig at least the hairstyle.
After two weeks of wear the wig still looks pretty good
I went for a curly half wig because I decided I wanted to try the no heat challenge yet again. I knew if I got a curly half wig I could just leave the front part of my hair out and flat twist it every night without ever having to put heat on it. And that's just what I've been doing. I may only be two and half weeks strong, but hey it's a start.

And honestly with the way this heat in the South is set up, straight hair (for me) is probably not even possible. So really I don't feel like I'm missing out anything. Not to mention I got plenty of compliments from people thinking the wig is my own, natural hair. I credit that to my natural hair being on fleek in the front and my blending skills.

I bought the wig from Kim's Hair Plus located on Jefferson Street. It was called Outre quick weave  IVY.

My hair after a little cutting
The wig was really long when I got it and I liked it long but I decided to cut it to bra strap length to make it look more believable. Now it is shoulder length and heavily layered because the ends were starting to look rough.

I washed the hair once with a shampoo made specifically for synthetic wigs and followed up with a leave in conditioner. I will be doing a review on the products I used later this week but really I imagine you can use any synthetic wig/weave shampoo and leave in conditioner. For shine I used a wig shine spray made specifically for synthetic hair and wigs and scrunched my hair until it looked how I wanted. I NEVER brushed my wig! If it needed to be detangled I put a small amount of conditioner (any kind is fine) on my wig while it was wet and used my fingers to detangle.

And that's about it. This week I have a family reunion in Chicago and we all know how judgmental family can be so I did order a different curly half wig for the occasion just so it will look fresh. In the video below you can see my initial review as well as see me rocking the Outre curly half wig.

Link for video:

Mar 24, 2015

Melissa's Hair Diary: Growing Growing Growing!

Shaved sides 2014 to growing it out in 2015

Hey y'all! I'm back for my monthly hair diary! And I'm happy to report that, WHEW, my hair is GROWING! When you think about growing you hair back after having shaved sides, the task seems super daunting. But once you have a plan and a bunch of patience, you can make it to the next level.
Check out my hair, it's GROWING, GROWING, GROWING! I'll let you know my secret.

Mar 9, 2015

HAIR DIARY: Unraveling Time

Full+ Free: My Loc Inspiration For This Week.
Over the last week or so, I've done something I never thought I would do.

I've unraveled some of my locs.  It's not a major undertaking, but it has still been a tedious, slow process.  I decided to take this route to give me a bit more length to work with after cutting my locs.

Jan 12, 2015


I have a wig game.

These are words I never thought I would say, but I got a crash course in the art of wearing a wig while visiting family for the holidays.

Short and Sweet.  My stepfather's face sums up this trip perfectly
It was a magically hilarious opportunity to play with color, texture and shapes I never considered.  I got to see myself in 10 different ways in 30 minutes and I loved every minute of it.

Color and Curls.
In preparation for The Big Chop III happening later this month, I decided to create a contingency plan for those days where my hair and I just might not vibe.  While it is a great thought, I considered the yoga classes and workshops that might make wig wearing... interesting.  I'm not quite sure if I can whip it on and off like my socks and shoes before class.  I was still gifted two wigs just in case.

The Lacefront Experience
The wig experience also helped me to see different colors on myself.  I think I've found my next color if I feel the need for that change. (Below) Much of the color from my initial chop and Amber's work last year will be gone after the cut, so I'm excited that this will bring me back to my natural hair color as well.

That moment when you must agree that you look exactly like your mother.
And seeing myself differently has definitely helped ease me back into the thought of having shorter hair.  In high school I went between braids and "The Halle Berry" cut, but 12 years of love and dedication to my locs definitely created a love for longer hair.  The longer locs just work for my lifestyle.

At this point, braiding is out and wigs are questionable.  I'm still looking for the right "just in case".  It just makes the chop so much easier.  But until then, I'm still amazed that I have a wig game.

Dec 31, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: Casual Curls

When I'm around him, I turn into Feyoncé.

 For the overwhelming majority, I've been keeping my hair super casual lately. No fancy rod curls, flexirod sets, or fancy updos. Also no: mini-twists, braids, Havana twists... nothing. Just good old fashioned twist-outs like the ancestors used to do it. And apparently my hair loves it when I keep it low maintenance.

Hello strange patch of fuzzy hair in the front that doesn't hold curls

What my hair doesn't love, though, is any high tension styles. I've learned another good thing about the growth I've seen. In the level of difficulty to care for my hair, longer hair has become much easier to manage than my shorter hair. I don't have to pull as tight and I don't need such heavy products. Longer hair weighs more, and benefits more from gravity. Yay gravity! But my longer hair still does not function well with the humidity. Rain is Khani's kryptonite. Check out the life-cycle of a fabulous hairdo on a humid day:

Top left: 7:30 a.m. Top Right: 8:00 a.m.
Bottom left: 9:00 a.m. Bottom right: 11:45 a.m.

Also, I am becoming more aware that caring for my ends should never be neglected. I think that is my weakness in hair care. And although my hair grows pretty quickly, the dryness factor can go from 0 to 100... real quick (I just resisted the urge to put more lyrics behind that reference.). So it is high time I start making a conscious effort to retain this length and protect my ends. Consistency is key. So when you see me in these Nashville streets, expect to see more of these styles:

Dear buns and twists... I've got nothing but love you.

In the short, short time since my last hair diary, I've been through a bunch of physical changes. I saw some excess shedding and increased dryness. Turns out I was pretty ill. Let me gently remind anyone reading this that healthy hair starts from the inside. You can't get your dehydrated, vitamin/nutrient starved, sick body to produce thick, healthy, luscious natural hair. There is no hair product to correct malnutrition. Speaking of nutrition...

Ignore the stuff in the backgrount. 2014 has been overall great for me nutritionally.
Yay for body-positive changes!!

P.S. Speaking of hair products, R.I.P. to Titi Branch. I JUST fell in love with Miss Jessie's a couple of months ago. She was the co-founder of the brand with her sister. Mental illness hits close to home for me, so instead of the usual questions, I'll end with this:

If you or anyone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


Dec 8, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Know Thy Hair

"Know Thyself" is a Kemetic Proverb that has been a wonderful guide and inspiration to me over the last few years.  I apply it so often that I didn't notice it was probably the last bit of inspiration in my decision to cut and restart my locs.

4B: Photo of South African Singer Lira.

I had just a few days between The Big Chop Part I and starting this set of locs, so there was no time to become familiar with the texture of my hair.  While texture played a huge part in how my locs formed, I didn't take the time to learn what was best for my hair.  That learning period is probably the most discouraging aspect of allowing hair to exist in its natural state and why I chose to loc my hair so fast. Now I understand how that personal knowledge of my hair texture set the foundation for how I cared my for locs over the last 12 years.

4B: Short + Cute

I know the labeling systems are not perfect, but for the sake of conversation, we will call my hair 4B. (Melissa and I did a quick consultation in the parking lot, so you know its official.) I've done most of my research to this point from that aspect and have seen beautiful images and reflections of what I see in the afro "underneath" my locs.

I knew I was ready for the cut when my thoughts went from "how long will it be" to "what shape do I want".  Of course those two go hand in hand, but once the locs are gone, we'll decide then what the final cut will be.  I plan to stay open to the process, but I am leaning towards one style in particular.

4B: Solange

I have a few more weeks with this set of locs.  Another reason I'm confident in the change is Amber. I was excited for her move to Macon because I can see her each time I visit my home and family in Georgia.  I cannot wait to get in her chair.  Amber is amazing when it comes to cutting hair.  I can't wait to share what we come up with.

I'm sure I'll walk out pleased.

Nov 10, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Picks + Combs

I am still thinking about cutting my locs.  Ok.  I've pretty much decided its happening.

That's not to say I'll never have locs again, but I think this set has run its course.

I got all kinds of advice, but one piece that remained was "You'll get stronger as your locs get longer. The really do represent your strength."  I feel much stronger than my locs these days.  The other thing that remains is something I read, but I can't remember where: "You grow in and out of locs sometimes".  After 12 years, I feel that, too.

The color change in my hair is a good visual of the growth. SWAN's locs create hair lust daily.
 (Photo by Toni Denisa Photography)
All in all, we're back at the same conversation that connects the health of hair and how we wear it to who we are.  Right now, I'm allowing room for growth and progress in my life.  That's probably why I refuse to loc my hair as often.  I even refused to do it when I knew I was going to see a professional photographer for work.  I've given it room to grow. I want stronger locs.

So the question is, will cutting the current set allow the most room for growth?  Even if I don't cut them now, I will have a new set of locs in a few years anyway because of the break I've given my hair.

I went straight to locs after my first Big Chop.  I've worn my hair free with no chemicals for just a few days in my life. (Amazing!)  I can't say that I'm not interested in that experience for a while, but I know the maintenance will drive me back to locs for sure.

Young Ashley giving me hair goals.
I sorted all of this out while falling in love with chichiromeo+me.  I landed on the blog because of Julie's hair, but the fashion and photography were a lovely bonus.  Julie, Ashley and Grace all create some serious hair lust, but young Ashley may have done it for me. With a similar texture, the size of her afro seems so doable from where I am now.

Ashley with her sister Grace.  When children create hair envy.
I'm not sure when the third installment of The Big Chop will happen or how long the afro stage will last this time.  I may not even reach Ashley's length.

Because at the end of at it all, I want a healthy set of locs.  But I am up for some adventure, in the mean time.

Read more about chichiromeo+me here.  You'll love this beautiful family!

Oct 13, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Knots + Braids

I decided to revisit an old faithful to create curls now that my hair is much shorter.  I've tried bantu knots at different stages of growth and this is definitely the time for them.  It only took about ninety minutes to knot.  I didn't plan well enough for them to air dry, which showed in the final result.  Although time under the dryer feels like slow torture, next time I'll probably sit there to let them set initially and then finish air drying.

Simple knots for curls.

I'm going with curls and texture right now to help me stick to my current free form stint.  I'm still putting some time in between maintenance and the styles have really helped. I love that returning to something so simple can give new life to my hair and renew my energy and patience.  

My lack of enthusiasm about the results clearly showed in my not taking any pictures, but I am excited to try something new again this week.  It took me a while to get here, but I'm back.  The hesitation with styling was definitely all about the re-learning curve.  Its amazing all the subtle ways I'm still adjusting to this length again.
Hair Lust: If I still had the length....

I'm going to play around with braids next.  My goal is to create a 2-for-1 style that I can wear up for a few days before taking the braids down to avoid the dryer.  I've done it before with longer hair, but this length and angle make it a bit different for me. As long as I can get something similar to the pattern like this for more than three days, I'll consider it a win.  

Hair Lust: Textured Locs

And I promise pictures this time.  For better or for worse.

Sep 25, 2014

Melissa's Hair: And then you get a weave …

So like, I got a weave. Why? I was tired of looking at my ears! Lol! NAW, this 'grow your sides out' struggle is REAL AND TRUE! I got so used to having such a tight fade ( to perfection!) so seeing my little 'fro pop out was tripping me out. I had to change something. Wah-la weave!

I kept it simple and bought some hair from the hair store (Kim's Hair Plus on Bell Road, Antioch, TN). I know a lot of people get hair off the internet - but I have to SEE and TOUCH my hair before I purchase it. And, don't let Instagram fool you, you can still buy good hair - in the package - at your local hair store. And it's ACTUALLY cheaper! I purchased Sensationnel 'Bare & Natural' 100% Brazilian Virgin Remi in natural black. It was 3 for $170. Right! Right!!

I wanted something with a natural wave that could be curled, dyed, and laid to the side. When I arrived at my stylist's house she was ecstatic to see the hair I purchased - it's her favorite hair to use. Score!
As far as hiding the fact that I don't have any sides; this hair has tremendous body and thickness. You can't even tell I have shaved sides. My hair at the top is braided and protected with a small bit of leave out. Now, I have to tie my hair down right to make sure it doesn't revert - but I shall not be using too much heat. We know my hair hates heat and will get heat damage faster than a toddler tears up a bedroom. The struggle is real keeping the African and the Brazilian hair looking like they get along!

So , here's to growing back my hair! As always, I'll keep you posted on my journey! 

Sep 15, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: Living on the Edges

No. This has nothing to do with the blog. Just wanted this gif of my niece and I here.
We're hair twins. Her hair is super thick and long!
No. The title does not have a typo. I actually meant "Living on the Edges", not "Living on the Edge". That's where my hair journey is. I've been fighting to save what's left of my edges. I don't want to be that girl who has empty spots in her scalp. 4 years into this hair, and I'm just now learning that Khani (the name I call my fro) is not here for high-tension hair styles.
My scalp is way too visible. WAY TOO VISIBLE!
Hello traction alopecia. In short, traction alopecia describes hair loss that is caused by constant pulling or tension over a period of time. And well... the first time I had a smooth bald spot when I got that horrible hair weave by that one person. The braids were tight, but the thread was even tighter.  Then, I recently had those gorgeous Havana twists that I kept in for nearly 2 months. And now... I am struggling to keep what edges I have left.

Sep 13, 2014

Natural Hair, Fibroids, and Me - Part 2

Part 2 of this series should really be titled, "if you don't know, now you know!" 

In part 1 of , "Natural Hair, Fibroids, and Me" - I stated that I never had the traditional symptoms that fibroid sufferers have. My cycle was like clockwork, no swelling in my abdomen (that I could see), no pain or cramps, and no spotting. Even with my past 'well-woman' check-ups, my doctor never felt any rumors or abnormalities. By all outside accounts, I had no issues with my lady parts. But, there were other symptoms brewing - not normal for fibroid sufferers but definitely an issue. 

Let's talk about how I got a colon infection on THANKSGIVING! Oh yeah, let's not forget, my hair was shedding like an ugly Christmas sweater and my edges my edges were so sad.  The colon infection was the key to me finding I had fibroids. On thanksgiving day I was struck with (what I thought) was a bad stomach virus. After preparing a delicious meal, I could barely eat one bite. 

Cramps were ravaging my stomach coming as quickly as labor contractions. I had a fever accompanied with chills and I was sweating like I ran a marathon. I suffered for three days waiting to get an appointment with my doctor. When I got my examination, my primary care doctor was puzzled. A physical examination didn't show much in the uterus or in the colon; she sent me to get an ultrasound. 

Sep 8, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: All Dressed Up In Love

This weekend one of my closest friends said "I do" in one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I've ever attended.  My friend, Valerie, is the epitome of elegance.  Her energy and her style are both effortlessly regal and it was definitely reflected in her wedding day look, the decor and her bridesmaids.

Natural Hair Beauty: Pressed straight, Curled, Loc'd, Braided and Two-strand twisted updos. 

Because natural hair can be affected by so many variables, the style choice for weddings are usually decided as carefully as the wedding dress itself.  Most brides I know had at least two wedding day hair trials to see how the style would hold up for the day.  In my own experience, my lovely curls held up well until the morning of our wedding.  They fell into a softer curl pattern than I wanted, but I was still pleased.

Wedding Day Locs: Soft curls tucked and pinned.

Since curls are usually easy to manipulate, I decided to try my first set after my hair cut.  Same deal. They held up well until late in the evening the day before Valerie's wedding.  I decided to go ahead and pin them up and work with what I had.  Even though the curls we not as I hoped, I still appreciated the volume added.  I had plenty of drying time, so I think I will use smaller rollers next time to preserve the curls longer.

Rain started to move in, but we were all smiles regardless.
While I was the only bridesmaid with locs, everyone rocked their natural hair and again, I was reminded of the beauty and versatility of owning your texture.  We were certainly all dressed up in Love.

(If you got my Sex And The City reference, these Ladies love you!)

Sep 1, 2014

Melissa's Hair Diary: Natural Hair, Fibroids, and Me - Part 1


About a month ago, I underwent a Fibroid Myomectomy - I had two large non-cancerous fibroid tumors removed - leaving my uterus intact. To say I was surprised that I had to go through this procedure is to say the least. I thought I'd share my journey to recovery in three posts. Part 1: Before I knew I had the tumors, Part 2: Living life with the tumors and Part 3: The recovery and the future. Let's get started.

The picture above is from 2011 - it was the last time my hair 'acted right'. It was thick, curly, and my edges were flourishing! About six months later my hair started to shed like crazy! I didn't know what the deal was, but I knew I had an issue. So, I did what most naturals do, I started the vitamins. After some research on other natural hair blogs and YouTube channels, I chose to use biotin and Vitamin E to help with hair growth. I went to a stylist and got my ends clipped too. Anything to stop the shedding.

What I didn't know was hair shedding is sometimes an internal issue. For me, the development of the tumor started to pull the important vitamins and minerals out of my system causing my hair to shed, break, and feel really dry. I didn't have an answer, I knew there was an issue, but I never thought it was a fibroid tumor.

In my circle, three of my friends had fibroid removal surgery in ONE YEAR. When it started to hit home, I started to realize that fibroid tumors were a real thing. I started to think about the women in my family, most had fibroid tumors, and almost all have had partial or complete hysterectomies.

During my research, I found that Fibroid tumors occur in 80% of ALL WOMEN, more than 50% of those women are women of color (African decent, Latino, and Asian).  Plus, there's a definite connection between relaxers and fibroid tumors. This connection is what leads many black women to starting their natural hair journey. That wasn't my story, but it's a real deal.

Tumors can grow in all parts of the uterus including the fallopian tubes, outside of the uterus,  and in the lining of the uterus. Most women experience pain in the abdomen, heavy menstrual cramping, long periods, and fatigue when the have fibroid tumors. Most doctors recommend removal of the tumors and/or the uterus to help women get back to normal.   

I never had ANY of those symptoms. So, I never thought I'd have to deal with the issue. I was different. My cycle was like clockwork, barely any cramping, and I still had the flow of a teenager, 5 days max. It was another discovery that led my doctor to the helping me figure out what the HECK was going on with my hair and my body. But, I'll tell you about that in Part 2 . . . stay tuned!


Jul 3, 2014


OMG! I know you are wondering, "Where has the team been?" What have we been doing, and GOSHDARNIT where are the posts? Lol! Sorry! We apologize. You know what happened? Life happened! Below I'll share a couple of updates and let you know when we'll get this train rolling again. 

MELISSA, The Editor-in-Chief: guess I'll start with myself. I've been traveling all summer long, with more travel ahead of me. Most importantly, I'll be speaking in MEMPHIS at the NATURALS IN THE CITY Natural Hair Event. Then I have to have surgery which will take me out the game for about FOUR WEEKS! Ugh! I know!

When September comes you're gonna see a bunch of changes with the site and with the team. I'm working hard (behind the scenes) to set up a strong foundation to handle such changes. Of course you know I run TWO WEBSITES (check out and making sure both sets of readers are entertained and informed can be alot to juggle. No complaints, because I love what I do - but I need longevity to stay in this game. So sometimes I need to lay low in order to go big.

T-SHIRTS: real talk, manufacturing t-shirts takes money on the front end that you may not receive in the back end. I know I promised NEW t-shirts for the summer, but I think we are gonna produce more shirts in the fall (September). They will be nice!

ANOTHER EVENT: yup! I want to do another event. Like I said about the t-shirts, events cost money. BIG MONEY! But we LOVE to see you all in person so we are DEFINITELY going to do another event. I wanted to do something in August, but that's not gonna happen, so we are leaning more towards OCTOBER. In everything, I want excellence! Never wanting to do anything half-way, sometimes telling myself NO is the hardest part. You know we'll keep you posted about the next #NINMEETUP.

BUT CAN Y'ALL POST MORE ARTICLES? Umm - yeah we can. Posting articles takes research and time. It's summer! We want to play outside! Lol! But for real, I'll take the lead and start posting more articles. Especially during my recovery in August; I'll have some time to write a bunch of stuff that's been sitting in my queue for months. No, I'm not lying, the team has at least 25 UNFINISHED articles just waiting for us to buckle down and finish. We LOVE our readers and we APOLOGIZE for not posting daily like usual.

Make sure you follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and TUMBLR! Those are spots where I post little gems, pics, and sometimes contests. Stay connected!  

First up, our girl Amber graduated from AVEDA!! Not only did she graduated, she won like a kabillion awards and scored a new job. She'll be a stylist at the TRUE BLUE salon on West End in Nashville.

And, Ashiya is working hard and making changes too. Not only did she chop her locs (aren't you loving this cut) but she's started a business with her family and she's steady advancing in her yoga teaching skills. SWAN HOLISTIC will be up and running soon; bringing quality yoga classes and teaching to you!

 And last, but not least, Candice has been working hard too. She got a fancy-nancy switch/promotion at her job, some very fly Havana Twists (seen above), and SHE GOT ENGAGED! Yup! We had to give the new fiancé some time to be happy abt all these new changes.

So you see we haven't forgot about you. We are just living life for a moment. But I promise, you aren't ready for FALL 2014 - it's gonna be bananas! I encourage you to take advantage of the summer, live life, take a ton if pics, and stop worrying about your hair! We love you!

Jun 21, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: New Things and a New Ring

So... I got Havana Twists. Or Marley Twists. Or Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-Thems.

My fellow writer (and soon-to-be licensed stylist) Amber, installed them. I must say... they are pretty awesome. Once I got used to the weight of the hair on my head and the new look, I was in love. I am still in love. I've got these long chunky twists and it's been fun having them for the past 2.5 weeks. If there is any complaint that I have, it's that I can't get them wet. Well, technically I can get them wet, but it would be a hassle to swim in them because there is so much extra hair on my head and adding water weight just doesn't sound practical.

It has also made me think about just how long DO I want my hair to grow? Marley hair definitely resembles my super kinky hair. And I can imagine keeping it twisted if it ever gets this long. Like.... what else would I do to it? I love seeing Naptural85 on youtube manage her super long hair. But my hair is a few levels higher on the kinky scale. Twist-outs would take FOREVER. EVERYTHING would take forever. It's just a guess, but anyone who has attempted to work with my hair will tell you that it is probably a great guess.

I'm enjoying the break from daily maintenance, but in true "Khani" fashion my hair has started to frizz before the Marley hair. The frizz adds a bit of charm, though. I thought about roughing the rest of the twists up a bit, but that seemed to be a strategy that would prove counterproductive. Anyway, I'm more comfortable with all of this hair now and I've been trying a variety of styles now. The half up-half down is my favorite style so far.

I finally stopped being afraid and was able to wrangle this hair into a bun!
So... that's all for hair. Also, I got promoted at my job (Yay!). I got new shoes on sale (Score!). And I got a ring, courtesy of my brand new FIANCE (sets off fireworks)! Once the planning gets underway I'll be sure to keep you all updated because... HOW WILL I WEAR MY HAIR IN MY WEDDING FOR THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME OH MY GOSH I'VE GOT SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!!!

That's all for now. I'm officially open to advice from naturals who were natural when they jumped the broom. What was your wedding hair choice and how did it work out for you? Let's chat in the comment section.
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