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Sep 30, 2014

Hair Lust: The last days of summer

Yes, technically it's Fall. But have you walked outside? It's for real 88° in Nashville! Like dude! I'm drinking my Pumpkin Spiced Latte ICED! What the crap!

So, saw this fly photo on Pinterest and knew I had to post it for our Hair Lust segment. The fun of living in the south is that you can still do warm weather things, even if the calendar says otherwise. That includes rocking fly sunglasses and short hair. Try it! Happy fake fall! Lol! 

For actual fall style, check out Fab Glance!

Aug 28, 2014

HAIR LUST: Melissa shares her turban and her fashion!

Our editor, Melissa, is sharing her FAB Sneaker Style on our sister site, Fab Glance. Go to her page to see how she rocks this fabulous turban with . . .  SNEAKERS! Oh yeah, she tells you how to do this headwrap too. How do you rock your headwraps? Check her out!

Mar 18, 2014

CELEB STYLE: India Arie at Celebration of Gospel

India Arie always switches up her hair selections clearly living the life of her famous song, "I am NOT my hair!" Last time I saw her she was sporting locs, now, she's sporting a short and sassy look. How many times has India 'Big Chopped', lol! I always say, spring is the perfect time to rock a short cut.

India looked gorgeous on the red carpet for BET's Celebration of Gospel program! I'm in love with her African-inspired mudcloth evening gown. Plus, it has POCKETS!! Looking good!


View more red carpet images on

Jan 31, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Beyonce - "Grown Woman"

Melissa's lust for Beyonce's current protective style completely changed the rhythm for today!  Today is my best friend's birthday and because we speak in music, I chose a birthday song for her.  While Janelle Monae finally won with "Electric Lady", "Grown Woman" by Beyonce was in rotation this morning.  It seemed right to share it here today.

This is a busy video. We get natural and straight hair plus lots of African-inspired patterns, textures and sounds.  While I find the hair, fashion and imagery interesting my absolute favorite part of this video is Ms. Tina.  She is so regal!  I want to slow clap every time I see her.  She's here to remind us that Beyonce is really just "Tina Light".

Tina Knowles on her 60th birthday via

When I first heard this song, I thought this was her way of saying she released the album she wanted to make.  But the more I listen, I hear it differently.  Instead of projecting the energy of the song outward, when it is directed inward, I realize a statement of personal power. Regardless of how we choose to express that power or what we create, we all have genius quality within us.

"It took a while, now I understand just where I'm going.  I know the world and I know who I AM, 'bout time I show it."   -Beyonce, "Grown Woman"

Beyonce made noise with this album as usual, but the sounds were different.  She brought some interesting conversations to the main stage. We'll get into them here and at ASwanLife during February.  Stay tuned.  We want to hear your thoughts, too!

Although the video has not been officially released outside of the album, you may be able to watch "Grown Woman" here courtesy of Pepsi.  Below is a live performance at Chime for Change 2013.


Happy Friday!

Jan 9, 2014

HAIR LUST: Ledisi's Curly Crown

Ledisi's Curly Crown.

I absolutely adore everything about this look!  I am clearly a sucker for curls and this skirt?  Love!!

Sep 27, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: Solange - "Lovers In The Parking Lot"

How do you find your place in life when your sister seems larger than life?  According to Solange, just do your thing.  When Beyonce first started to reach major success with Destiny's Child, Solange was entering her teens and over the years, she has blossomed in her own place in the spotlight.

Solange rocking her hair straight with Beyonce.
Solonge's ability to be authentic in music and fashion was the stepping stone that took her from "Beyonce's little sister" to an singer/songwriter with her own record label.  In addition to creating music, modeling, and acting, Solange reminds us that motherhood can be a very real part of any dream.

Solange's afro starts coming in after the big chop.
Set to release her third studio album next year, Solange released the video for her new single, "Lovers in the Parking Lot" recently.  Again in song, imagery, and fashion Solange is true to herself creating a video that pulls you into simply because you want to figure out what is going on.  I think her music gets better with each album.  I'm looking forward to this release.

Solange performing in braids expressing her love for prints.
Solange has a special place in my heart.  Even if I don't like a particular fashion or music choice, I still love it for her.  I admire her ability to "go off script" at any moment.  In a world where many artists play to their image, she has created an image that is a statement of her personal truth.  Whether she's speaking music, family or politics, she seems to express exactly what she feels.  I can dig it.

For the last week in this Super September, we hope Solange's freedom in creativity inspires your own. Read more about Solange and her upcoming project at  For now, here's her new single "Lover's in the Parking Lot."


So, are you a fan of Solange's music, her fashion sense or both?

Aug 1, 2013

CELEB STYLE: Tracee Ellis Ross on 'Coveteur'

OMG! Tracee Ellis-Ross is just amazing beautiful amazing epic-ness topped with a head full of drool-worthy curls. Oh yeah, she is talented too. Anyway, Tracee just finished a photo spread for The Coveteur. The Coveteur was co-founded by designer Erin Kleinberg, stylist Stephanie Mark, and photographer Jake Rosenberg as a new way of showcasing personal style and telling the story behind the story (source).

With more than 20 photos in the the spread, Tracee's epic style is showcased in an eyecatching and lust-worthy way. Just like her gorgeous hair, her closet is just as epic! Take a look at more photos on The Covetuer online.

May 8, 2013

FASHION: What do I wear to a Natural Hair Meet-Up?

OMG, OMG, the Music City Naturals Event is on Saturday!! Wow, it seemed like just yesterday we were wondering if people really would come to an event like this. But hey, you guys came trhough strong! We are so excited to meet everyone and so excited to for you to hear our speakers and shop our vendors.

So, I'm sure you're wondering what should you wear to a Natural Hair Meet-Up? Well, keep it casual, keep it cute, and keep it comfortable. Below, I've assembled three looks to inspire you. I do this every thursday on my fashion website, Fab Glance Nashville, so make sure to visit me for more outfit inspirations. Let's get started!

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Maxi Misses

First up, is the 'Maxi-Dress Misses' - Planning to stay all day, this ia comfortable look to rock. The wedge heel allows you to shop the vendors, and the cute jacket adds some urban flair. Oh yeah, check out this tribal enhanced necklace, very on trend for the season.

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Cross Town Cutie

This set is called 'Cross-Town Cutie' - So, you are running errands all day Saturday, but you've carved out a couple hours to enjoy the event. This outfit, with it's trendy layers, allows you to transition from lunch with your friends to a quick hour and half at the meetup. Get it girl!

Natural Hair Meet-Up: Boho Beauty

Lastly is our 'Boho Beauty' - Coming to Natural Hair Events are nothing new to you! This cute outfit bring in the cute turban trend (and protective style) with baggy boyfriend jeans, and chic wooden accessories. You came to get your shop on - that's why you brought this fly tote bag.

I know this helps. We can't wait to meet our fans/readers. Make sure you say "Hello"! See you there!

Apr 8, 2013

Melissa's Hair: My hair for Nashville Fashion Week

Last week I was invited to report on Nashville Fashion Week (NFW). Since 2010, Nashville Fashion Week has presented local and national designers to our fair town. The proceeds benefit The Community Foundation and help upcoming designers present their vision to the world by starting on our small stage.

As a fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist I always work hard to present have cute wardrobe options to my readers as I attend various events. Now, that I write about natural hair, I wanted to make sure that I presented several hair options for you, my Natural in Nashville, readers.

Many times, women don't let go of the relaxer because they think there aren't alot of styling options available for women with natural hair. Most of the time, women aren't comfortable exploring their new style and have fear that people will make fun or think they look 'crazy' when they rock a different look. Don't let your hair lock you in a cage of emotions and fear.

Below are several hair looks I rocked for Nashville Fashion Week. I hope you are inspired to try a new style.

Day 1 - After coming straight from a family vacation, I went right into NFW. My hair was a shrunken mess and I had no time to wash and deep condition.  So I rocked my 'go-to' style - the Marley Bun. I have a Marley Bun tutorial on our YouTube page - click here. Basically, I pulled my hair into a ponytail then attached the Marley style braiding hair to my hair giving my bun more volume and finesse. Everyone love it!

Day 2 and 3 - Now into the swing of the week, I knew I didn't want to manipulate my hair too much. I went to my local hair store and purchase a half-wig or fall. This is a synthetic hair piece created by FreeTress (style - Creta Girl, color -1B). The piece was really long, so I cut it to bob length to allow for more volume. Underneath, I washed and conditioned my hair then put my hair in flat twists to protect it. I left the bang area out. Using wigs or falls is great way to switch up your look. I used a little water and mousse on my bang area to help my hair blend into the curl pattern of the synthetic hair.

Day 4 - It wad time to switch the style up again. This time I wanted to go for a bold dramatic look because the runway shows were bold and dramatic. I pulled out my old african print fabric that I purchased from the African Street Festival in Nashville. I fashioned the fabric into a high bun and went on. This was the easiest style and my hair stayed protected under the scarf/turban. Click here for a quick/easy turban tutorial on YouTube.

Day 5 - The last day of NFW I was tired yet excited. I made through a whole week and now I was done. What to do with my hair? I finally released my hair from the flat-twists that I rocked under my half-wig and my turban. My hair had great volume so I used two hair combs on each side of my hair and fashioned my hair into a Mohawk. For a bit more dramatic volume, I added some clip in extensions. The extensions are DIY and I used Jazz Water synthetic hair by FreeTress

So there you have it! The four ways I rocked my hair for Nashville Fashion Week. Fun, flirty, elgant, and free, I was able to exhibit various styles for each night.

Mar 20, 2013

Hair Lust: Precision Cut Curls

What a great photo to welcome spring! Ahh - yes - come the days of slight delicate dresses, bare shoulders, and wild hair. But, here's a haircut that tames wild but gives the model a chic trendy look. Seriously, I'm so in love with this cut, it's taking everything in me not to get it. Enjoy the first day of spring!

(SOURCE - Photo: Liz Brinson, Model: Hanine from California)

Sep 5, 2012

CELEB STYLE: Jill Scott covers Essence Magazine October 2012

I posted recently that Jill was spotted in London rocking her TWA. So now, it's official that Jill is back to relaxer free styles for the fall. I don't think we've seen Jill's hair this short, but she looks AMAZING!

According to the Jill gave the magazine an ultimatum because they didn't want her to sport here natural hair on the cover. Wow! The industry is tricky - media outlets tout their love for natural hair, at the same time wanting to suppress it. That's why you have to love yourself, regardless of what others say.

Of course I love the styling. Everything in this photo is SO on trend for Fall 2012. Do you love it?

Jul 11, 2012

Discussion: the Unwritten rules on Black Hair

Another Wednesday, another discussion. First, watch episode #4 of 'the Unwritten rules'. This series chronicles the issues of Gracie, a black woman entering the corporate workforce. Episode 4 deals with hair in the workplace.

I thought it was hilarious. It's funny because it's true. The things that Gracie has The only thing I've noticed that has been untouched is the fact that it's not just people of other races who are unsure about how to address their curiosity about natural hair. It's especially awkward in the workplace when you have to maintain cordial communication with those around you.

My favorite parts were the successful dodge of the unwanted hair touching at 2:08, and the final discussion between Gracie and her manager about whether or not her "head wrap" violates the company's "no baseball cap policy".

While some suggest that hair has no effect on employment status, it's the small social interactions that make a difference in the workplace experience. Personally, I love answering questions about my hair... as long as it isn't insulting. I get psyched to know that someone admires my hair and wants to know more about it.

Does your hair factor into your work experience? Have you experienced any workplace situations similar to those in the video? Let us know in the comments below.

Mar 14, 2012

Discussion: How do you do your natural formal hair?

A bridal flower headband makes this puff more formal

Did you see Viola Davis at the Oscars? What about Esperanza Spalding? Did it make you happy to see women in formal dresses and natural hair? It thrilled me to see natural hair on the red carpet.

However, talk-show host Wendy Williams remarked that Mrs. Davis' hair just wasn't "formal" enough for her taste. This is not a discussion about how we feel about Wendy Williams but talk like this suggests that certain Americans are not comfortable with seeing kinky hair, in it's natural state, on the red carpet. Although there is a trend of African Americans wearing natural hair, there is still an idea that it's not suitable for upscale engagements. It seems that the kinkier the hair is textured, the more informal it's considered.

Kinky hair has been used to make political statements. It's been used to express free spirit. But why can it not express my intelligence?

I admit last year, I straightened my hair for a wedding because I didn't know what to do with it. I did not know what was considered formal for natural hair. That's why I was happy to see Viola Davis and Esperanza Spalding on the red carpet. It helps to reiterate the fact that kinky hair is beautiful and appropriate for all occasions.
Les Nubians sport afros with ballgowns. More photos at the source
I understand everyone doesn't feel that same way; so let's discuss it:
  • Do you agree with Wendy Williams? 
  • Do you think that natural hair is informal? 
  • How do you wear your hair to formal events?

Feb 3, 2012

HAIR LUST: Solange for British Vogue

I love Solange Knowles (or Solo as everyone calls her). She seems to be one of the only celebs tor break out of that "My Sibling is Famous" catagory and be [considered] her own person. I know Solange has been  a hair and style inspiration for many ladies.

Always breaking the mold, Solange is doing an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post for British Vogue. Rocking a natural wig, Solange, takes readers on a voyage of her clothes for the week. Currently, she recording a new album. She's so fly!

Dec 11, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Product Giveaway!!!

You read it right! For the next 12 days Natural in Nashville (NIN) will give away natural products and services to you, our faithful readers! Everyone likes free stuff right?

Here's how it works: Everyday we will list a product or service participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. If you like the product here's what you have to do:

1. Follow NIN on Facebook and Twitter

2. Follow the product listed on Facebok and/or Twitter
3. Comment on the post letting us know why you want to win.

On Monday we'll post the first product! I'm so excited to bless you guys with these awesome gifts! Make sure to support our great businesses!!
  • Winners are chosen at random and will be notified via email. The winners name will be posted via Facebook and on the site.
  • You can only win one time. No purchase necessary.
  • Products will be sent to the winners starting the second week of January 2012

Dec 8, 2011

Hair Lust: Blonde Bombshell - Herieth Paul

Dress to Kill Magazine Winter 2011

Today I present 17 year old model Herieth Paul. Yes, I said 17 years old!

I choose her for this Hair Lust post for several reasons. First, ladies who transitioning, don't be afraid of the TWA. Sometimes longer hair takes away from the beauty of your face. You can't deny this girl has a great face. Second, for the teens contemplating going natural, take a look at this model. She's one of the hottest in the industry and become so when she cut her hair.  Lastly, the color! Having a TWA allows one to play with color beacause you can always cut it off and start again. So many options!

Click here to see pics of Herieth with long hair.

Nov 12, 2011

HAIR LUST: Anastasia Leung Lo Hing - new on the scene!

I'm loving this chick! Her luscious waves are giving me life. In addition, she is an upcoming model and dancer from Amsterdam. Check out her YouTube and Twitter pages. This dutch beauty has captured my attention with her lux tresses! You like?!

Oct 18, 2011

HAIR LUST: Ford Models Diversity Promo Shoot

Back in July, Ford Models published a diversity promotional spread featuring models from their women, direct, plus, and lifestyle divisions. This is a way modeling agencies promote their product. I love this photo because it highlights all the beauty of women of color and the varying hair types and textures. Plus, it's just a gorgoeus photo.

Photographer: Michael Schwartz
Models: Marquita Pring, Damaris Lewis, Bre Joyner, Vanessa Fonseca, Tonya Pittman, Jessi M’Bengue, Amber Tolliver, India Lane, Sabina Karlsson, Elora Perez

Oct 7, 2011

Roots n' Rhythm: Elle Varner ft. J. Cole, "Only Wanna Give It to You"

Elle Varner is new to the music scene and she just dropped the fresh video featuring J. Cole. I'm so loving her wild natural hair as well as this awesome kente cloth cocktail dress. Her first single, "Only Want to Give it to You" is a cool song with a 90's vibe - you may recognize some of the samples. The song features Elle walking the city streets looking for love. Take a look and be inspired!

Sep 29, 2011

Hair Lust: Fall for the fro!

Don't you love when you see a picture of someone with hair like your own? I know I do! That's why I fell for this awesome street style shot from Milan Fashion Week. On top of her awesome fro, her style is great as well! She's bringing me Fall fashion life! Do you love this look?
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