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Aug 13, 2015

YouTube Thursday: AskpRoy shows us a flat-twist with curls

AskpRoy, is a blogger and content creator who has some very dope hair! I've been following her on Instagram, +askpRoy , for about two years. I followed her looking for someone who shaved their sides, like I did. And just as I decided to grow mine back, she grew hers back too! So, I love watching her create new looks with her shorter sides.

The video listed below shoes you a great way to rock a shaved sides look without cutting your hair AND how to rock a curly look without using heat. Killing two birds with one stone, that's my kinda style. Take a look below and be impressed. Oh yeah, follow PRoy on her website Steel Feather Lace Elephant.

Mar 4, 2015

Hair Lust: Real Curls and high puffs

Now that my hair is growing back, I'm getting ready to go back to some of my old-school techniques and styles. And nothing works better than that high puff. Ladies, if you haven't mastered the high puff (once you have the length) you need to get to practicing. It's super simple and takes easily one item - an elastic headband. The more you push it forward the higher it goes. Try it!

Feb 17, 2015

PHOTO: Curl Patterns found in natural hair

I stumbled across this wonderful pictorial while on FaceBook. This photo shows the most common curl patterns/hair types found in black hair. This is one of the BEST photos I've found to identify curl patterns.

Although some feel curl typing in the natural hair community is divisive - I don't agree. Knowing your curl pattern vs. envying and being jealous of other curl patterns is a WHOLE 'nother story. Knowing your curl pattern will help you find the best products and techniques to help retain length. Plus, we know that curly hair is more prone to tangles, split ends, and environmental damage that hinder hair growth. Those issues make many think black hair can't grow long. It's important to understand your curls. Online shops like can help find products that work for your curl pattern.

Of course I have to give credit to the photographer and stylist responsible for helping these women grow long natural hair. Her name is Reniece a hair stylist out of Atlanta. She shares her techniques and personal hair journey on her YouTube channel, ReneiceHairTV. She doesn't have many video's on her channel, but what's listed will give you faith that your hair can grow LONG too. Check out the video below - you'll be so inspired!

Jan 30, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: Beyonce - "Who Run The World (Girls)"

Alright Curlfriends!  It is that time again!

Our girl Kenya, affectionately know as HalfieTruths, is hosting Curls & Cocktails this weekend at The Flipside in Nashville.  If you're on Instagram and you're not following her, you must!  Her account is a wonderful example of using your platform to bring attention to the issues that matter to you. And there's plenty of hair love, too.

Candice, Melissa, Kenya and Ashiya at Curls & Cocktails in March 2014.
In my experience, there is one major rule to abide by for this event:  feel beautiful and come share the love!  This is your chance to get really, really cute and come hang out with other women who love their hair (and themselves) just as much as you do. 

Curls & Cocktails is Kenya's way of connecting the online community offline to build in a deeper way.  We all love to read and see what everyone is going through with hair (and life) online, but this is a great opportunity to sit and chat in person.  

Ashiya and Melissa at Curls & Cocktails in March 2014.

There are times that we can make others larger than life in our heads and seeing smiles and curls in person is another great reminder that we are more alike than we are different.  Regardless of our texture or chosen natural style, it is a beautiful time for embracing each other and ourselves.

Two of our favorite Nashville Naturals, Jessica and Sabrina with Kenya and Melissa at Curls & Cocktails in May 2014.

When we talk about Kenya and music, its not necessarily a question of which artist to choose, but which song is appropriate for the occasion.  Because Bey is definitely the choice. 

Today, I chose "Who Run The World (Girls)" because we do. And that fact is apparent when we get together on occasions like this.  There is so much power in the collective wisdom of women.  

@HalfieTruths at Curls & Cocktails in May 2014.
Even when we gather for social occasions, you cannot deny the energy that forms from a group of beautiful women who inspire each other by just showing up and being authentic.  

I also love the choreography (and attitude) in this video.  Again, it is that feminine energy that cannot be denied.

Let us know if you're coming out this weekend!  

Oct 14, 2014

HAIR LUST: Loads of LOVELY length

I think every girl, when she decides to 'go natural' they find the picture of the girl with the longest curly hair ever. Not saying you can't wish for this length as a hair goal, but you can get a bit frustrated when your hair doesn't grow quickly.

Now, I wish I knew this girl so I could hear her story. Her hair is just GORGEOUS. It looks so healthy and well taken care of. This is the product of dedication and PATIENCE. To all my long-hair sisters, what's your secret? How did you by-pass the awkward length stage? Give us some tips in the comment box.

Sep 4, 2014

HAIR LUST: A real wild child!

There's nothing like seeing a woman with a head full of wild curls! When I was on our Tumblr I saw this gorgeous girl and her gorgeous head of hair and I had to post her photos! I'm having major hair envy right now! Plus, this photo-shoot is EVERYTHING - check out more photos HERE.

Jun 20, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - 'Summertime'

Its official: we made it through another cold winter plus a rainy spring and we're headed towards the fun and freedom of summer. Which involves: Memorial Day Weekend, Schools out for summer, Spontaneous cookouts and backyard parties are inevitable.  Maxi dresses and fine linens will make their appearance. 

And women everywhere are starting the same conversation with one question:  What am I going to do with my hair this summer?

Are you thinking about cutting your hair?

 Maybe some color?

Perhaps braids are for you?

Or maybe all three?

Let us know what you're doing with your hair this summer!  Stay tuned to our hair diaries to see how the ladies of Natural in Nashville are treating our tresses this summer.

Of course, no one describes this time of year better than Will Smith in "Summertime" with DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Enjoy the hair, the fashion and all the memories they bring.  Have a happy, safe Memorial Day Weekend! 


May 29, 2014

Melissa's Hair: Shaved Sides and Curly Curls

Since the last time I wrote I was telling you about my struggle with using heat on my hair. Well, I figured out my beloved flat iron was broken - stuck on 350°! So I was burning the crap out of my hair and I've suffered a couple damaged/straight pieces. I knew I had to make a commitment to being heat-free for a couple of months. 

Of course I had fun with the traditional twist- out but I wanted more defined curls. I went to the closet, pulled out the perm rods. I had an idea! 

I washed and deep conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture moisturizing shampoo and deep treatment conditioner. After detangling my hair, I prepped my hair with Motions Leave-in Conditioner. I sealed in the moisture with coconut oil. To set my hair I used Motions Wrap & Set Foam.  

I seperated my hair and wrapped small sections around the small rods. I made sure to smooth the end using a bit more wrap lotion. I finished rolling my hair - using about thirty rods. I wanted to use the hooded dryer, but I slept in the rollers.  Luckily my hair dries fast! 

In the morning I removed the rods. I was skeptical. I didn't want to go to work looking like Kendrick Lamar! I started separating and fluffing the curls to give the look some shape. I began to fall in love! 

Why didn't I try this style a LONG TIME AGO! The curls were very defined and the style lasted for FIVE DAYS! I even got a chance to visit my barber, Tristan, who hooked me up with the sweet line-up and  fancy parts. Needless to say, this style was a hit. I received a ton of compliments. 

It's just a reminder to never be afraid to step out of the box. Try something new! What have tried in your hair? 

Mar 5, 2014

LINK LOVE: Annie - Official Trailer feat Quvenzhané Wallis

Last year, Quvenzhane Wallis won everyone's heart in the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild - so much so she was nominated for an Academy Award. Of course, the talented lil miss was offered one of the best roles of a young actor's career - the roll of Annie. The 1985 classic has been re-made and updated featuring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and Quvenzhane. 

With this update, Annie as a little black girl, we get to see Quevenzhane rock a natural hair look. The original Annie head a head full of ginger coils, our new Annie has a head full of coils. Too cute! It's a great representation of natural hair for lil girls to see. 

Take a look at the official trailer for the new movie coming out December 2014.

Mar 4, 2014


I just love finding photos of natural hair. Natural curls, coils, and kinks are just so fabulous - no two heads are alike. I don't know who this lady is, but I this photo shoot is great. So, be inspired!

Feb 11, 2014

HAIR LUST: Valentine's Curls

Happy Valentine's week! I saw this this cute photo on Pintrest and thought it'd be the perfect way to capture the essence of Valentine's Day.  Be carefree, un-bothered, and happy no matter if you single or attached. Ok, but how much do we love her big hair!??

Jan 28, 2014

HAIR LUST: Curly Cue

The longer you stay on your natural journey, the more you realize that simplicity is the key to maintaining your sanity! When I saw this photo I though it spoke to the glory of a simple look. Some days it's ok to let you hair do it's thing.

Jan 9, 2014

HAIR LUST: Ledisi's Curly Crown

Ledisi's Curly Crown.

I absolutely adore everything about this look!  I am clearly a sucker for curls and this skirt?  Love!!

Sep 17, 2013



Everytime I try to leave . . . they pull me back in! What am I talking about? Those pesky hair-cutting thoughts. I'm always somewhere in-between growing my hair out and saying "forget it - I'm cutting it!" Then, pictures like this DO NOT HELP! 

This haircut is ALL THE THINGS! Then the color, the shape, all that, too fly! Aww . . . I think I wanna cut my hair . . . let me walk away!

CLICK HERE to view our HAIR LUST gallery

Sep 9, 2013

Melissa's Hair: I'm a model for the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo!

If you didn't know, Nashville is getting ready to host one of the largest natural hair events in the the southeast! Promoting OPTIMAL Health and OPTIMAL beauty for all, the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo (October 5,6) is one part natural hair convention, one part health initiative, and one part music series. Natural in Nashville is an official media partner for this event. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for official info and ticket giveaways! It's going to be an awesome event!

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo

Surprisingly, I, your humble editor, was asked to be a model for the event. Sort of like a brand ambassador, models for the event wil appear at all the events leading up to the expo as well as appear in the branding an commercials. Our first assignment was being professionally photographed for the ad campaigns. Every model was asked to bring a black outfit and a white outfit and be prepared to get our hair and make-up done.

The natural girl anxiety crept in - someone other than ME was going to do my hair! Oh lord! On the site, we've talked about visiting stylists - some experiences are good, some are bad. I prepared myself to hear the usual - your ends are split, what products do you use, when's the last time you visited a professional stylist, etc, etc, etc. With all my worry, my experience with my hairstylist, Teddy Chislom was phenomenal!

My make-up artist Sylvia, and my hairstylist, Teddy
My hair was washed and conditioned using Design Essentials natural hair line. Design Essentials/Hair We Are are official sponsors of the event. When I sat in the chair, Teddy was attentive, reading  my hair for it's needs. He said my hair was in good shape, of course I needed a trim, "Nothing but a dusting" he said. He even gave me advice on helping my weak edges (a continuous battle) and using heat properly.

I vowed to visit Teddy at least quarterly. Ladies, I suggest you visit Teddy at Beverly's of Nashville for your natural hair needs.  He's been doing hair for more 20 years (natural hair for the last 10 years).

Let's try flexi-rods again!
So what did I get done - FLEXI-RODS! Back in 2011 I attempted flexi-rods on my own - FAIL! See my attempts here. Teddy gave me some tricks to have the best flexi-rod set:
  1. Since my 4b hair is so coily, it's better for me to do a light blow-dry to stretch my hair before adding the product.
  2. USE a setting lotion/serum and rolling papers. Rolling papers keep ends from curly and becoming frizzy after day 1. Teddy then used Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion to set the curls in my hair.
  3. Use a hooded dryer to set the curls. The hooded dryer gives an even heat without damaging the hair. My hair was dry in under 45 mins.
I loved my look!
My curls were POPPING! Of course I love a bigger look, but I had to admit, this style was a nice change of pace. My curls lasted for almost 7 days. Probably would have lasted longer if not for my workout schedule and my general boredom. LOL!

So, I KNOW you'll be at the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo - when you see me there, say HOLA! I know I'll have cool style for you to see.

Sep 4, 2013

CELEB STYLE: Beyonce's Natural Style

Happy Birthday Beyonce! I thought we'd take a look at her natural hair styles from the past. Some don't associate Beyonce with natural hair. Beyonce wears lace-front wigs to protect her natural hair from the rigors of the entertainment industry. Sometimes, like the photos above and below, Beyonce gives us a glimpse of her auburn curlies. I more prefer Beyonce with her big curly hair - but I know entertainment - celebs gotta keep switching it up!

Take a look at the curly natural inspired looks Beyonce's rocked in the past. Has Beyonce ever influenced your hair styles?

Aug 6, 2013

HOW-TO: Trim your ends . . . EASY via Naptural85

Whitney, the YouTuber also known as Naptural85, is one of my favorite blogger/YouTubers. Her hair is amazing. Her tutorials, family vlogs (featuring her adorable daughter and husband) and her lifestyle blogs just make you want to be a better person. I'm truly a fan.

I was lookin through some of Whitney's older hair videos and found this super EASY tutorial for clipping your ends. When it comes to natural hair, there is so much info available, especially on clipping and maintaining your ends for - especially for length retention. Whitney says she clips the ends of her 4a hair about every nine months. Some would recommend more often. I say, it's up to you - but never let damaged ends stick around too long.

Check out Whitney's video below. You can find Whitney, aka Naptural85 on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jun 4, 2013

Hair Lust: Afya Ibomu

When you look at Afya Ibomu, you can't deny what you put inside your body radiates outside.  The Holistic Nutritionist and author of "The Vegan Soul Food Guide to the Galaxy" has been a vegetarian since 1990 and while it may not work for everyone, it is clearly working for her. Afya is not afraid to switch it up, which is one of the things I love most.

I've seen Afya go effortlessly from braids to soft curls to straight hair and rock each one beautifully.


I especially love her for the one lone loc admist such lovely curls as seen below while Afya shares her knowledge on camera.

In addition to her work as a holistic nutritionist, Afya is the wife of of Dead Prez and mother to their 11 year old son, Itwela.

For more on Afya, check out her website,

May 17, 2013

Roots & Ryhythm: Kelly Rowland - 'Dirty Laundry'

"You see the glory, but you don't know my story."

We've heard that phrase a thousand times and singer Kelly Rowland gave us one more reason to believe it.  Rowland released the first single, 'Dirty Laundry' from her latest project 'Talk A Good Game' this week and she aired it out.

Kelly in curls.  One of my favorite looks on her.

May 16, 2013

Kid Cuteness: Khloe and Karson

I had to post these photos of my friend's gorgeous twin girls, Khloe and Karson!

When I saw these cute pictures float across my Facebook timeline, I immediately called my friend and asked if I could post their pictures on our site. I was with their mom when she first decided to 'BIG CHOP' (the tears that flowed!). I remembered her desire to be relaxer-free, not knowing that she'd  be blessed with TWO girls and two heads of beautiful hair!

These lovely little ladies have a head full of curls that remind me of where we all started from. Like, really, aren't these girls the CUTEST?! Enjoy!

Tutus & headbands were created by Danielle Walker of TuTu Fruities
Photographer is Justin Morris for JustInVision Photography - Memphis, TN
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