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Sep 3, 2015

YOUTUBE THURSDAY: Jordan tells us how to do a braided crown

Jordan aka JuicesAndBerries on YouTube
I love stumbling upon a YouTuber that is just so fly! Because, listen, when you are looking for an amazing tutorial that just enhances your life, you got to tell your friends. So, you guys are my friends, and I want to tell you about Jordan McCrary, aka JuicesansdBerries

I've been looking for and EASY Flat Twist Protective Style to rock during this hot weather. Jordan's video makes it SO easy to do this style while using Marley hair. This flat-twist style is super popular, probably because it's a DIY that's almost anyone can do. 

So, you guys, go support Jordan. She makes really great videos and has lovely product reviews. Her blog,, it's easy to read and super cute! Take a look at her video, below, be inspired to rock this cute style.

Aug 17, 2015

Melissa's Hair: Removing my braids and growing back my edges

Bye-Bye Braids!

I know, I know, I haven't posted a hair diary in WEEKS, probably months. Well, when you have braids for almost eight months, there's not much to report on. But when you decided to take those braids out, there's lots of discussion to be had. So let's get started. What's going on with Melissa's hair?

Jul 7, 2015

Hair Lust: Basic Beautiful Braids

The summer in Tennessee is not really that bad. I mean, it's hot, don't get me wrong. But, MY GIRL, this HUMIDITY! That's the worse. Why? Because we are water-logged. The only beach in Tennessee belongs to a lake or a river. Anyway, how do you keep your hair maintained? Protective style!

 I love this simple braided style by Instagrammer, Monique Renae (@curlygirlmomo). It's a great way to keep you hair from your face, protected, and humidity proof.

How do you deal with heat and humidity? Let us know in the comments section.

Jun 25, 2015

YouTube Thursday: Mo Knows Hair, 'Braided Crown Tutorial'

Monica, or “Mo,” is the founder of Mo Knows Hair, a resource dedicated to providing tips and tutorials for beautiful, healthy hair.
On this edition of YouTube Thursday, I'm sharing one of my favorite YouTubers. Most natural hair vloggers aren't real stylists - no shade. So when watching online tutorials, make sure you take it the info with a grain of salt. But Mo, of Mo Knows Hair, is a licensed cosmetologist. All the videos on her channel are quite precise and informative. I chose this video because it's an easy style that everyone can achieve.

May 5, 2015

Melissa's Hair: Styling Box Braids

Last month, I had the pleasure of covering Nashville Fashion Week for my fashion blog, Fab Glance. The eventis a celebration of fashion and art in our city. I bet you didn't know that we've had fashion week for five years! And yes, I've covered each year. But this is about hair. Below, I'm sharing how I styled my hair for each day of the event. Styling box braids can sometimes be limiting, but I worked hard to give various styles everyday. So let's have a look:

Mar 24, 2015

Melissa's Hair Diary: Growing Growing Growing!

Shaved sides 2014 to growing it out in 2015

Hey y'all! I'm back for my monthly hair diary! And I'm happy to report that, WHEW, my hair is GROWING! When you think about growing you hair back after having shaved sides, the task seems super daunting. But once you have a plan and a bunch of patience, you can make it to the next level.
Check out my hair, it's GROWING, GROWING, GROWING! I'll let you know my secret.

Mar 6, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Eric Roberson - "I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More"

There's more snow on the ground, which means another mental getaway is in order.

Eric Roberson takes us to the beach this week with "I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More" from The Box. And the video is like the Super Bowl of Soul.

Eric Robeson with the classic side part.

Feb 18, 2015

HAIR LUST: Braids and Beauty

I had to share one of the photos from my recent shoot for Fab Glance (my fashion & style site). Since I'm growing my sides out, my braids have become my staple style. And as you know, I'm getting ready for Nashville Fashion Week, so upping my workouts is a must! My favorite protective style is box braids. They are affordable, versatile, and long lasting.  Click HERE for more pics of this shoot!

Whats your favorite protective style?

Dec 9, 2014

HAIR LUST: Untitled Gorgeousness

Photo courtesy of Robert Cooper Photography
I saw this photo on Pintrest and JUST KNEW I had to share it on the website. How gorgeous!?! Geesh! And then her hair? AMAZING!!! This month I've been posting photos of gorgeoud styles to try during the holiday season. I'm always a fan of a braid installation for the holiday season. Braid just make life much easier!

Do you love her hair? Will you try a braided style to wear for during the holiday season?

Nov 14, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Willow Smith - "Female Energy"

Willow Smith

At just 14 years old, it is obvious that Willow Smith is owning her space in this world.

Having parents that work as artists and entertainers is the perfect environment for any talent to be nurtured and developed and Willow is taking full advantage.

She's already established her own style, created a hair anthem and worked as both a singer and an actress.  Her level of maturity has been the topic of public discussion on more than one occasion and the songs she shared as 'Wilough' on SoundCloud are sure to add to it.

Sculpted Braids.

The sound, lyrics and delivery, are delivered with the energy of someone who is older than her age.  But considering how much she's experienced in her short life, her teenage perspective should be well-rounded.

Baby Willow.

Young Willow has set the stage for a strong artistic career.  Her evolution as a woman and an artist will be interesting to see.

Check out "Female Energy" and let us know what you think!

Oct 24, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Beyonce - "Get Me Bodied (Extended Version)"

Every time I see a picture of Beyonce's new hair cut, I instantly hear "Get Me Bodied" in my head.
"I ain't worried, doing me tonight."
The style created a love it or hate it reaction even though she's worn bangs of various lengths in the past.  A few stylists even warned against women trying it because it could go very wrong for them.  Despite our opinion of Beyonce's latest style, we really see that level of authenticity often.

Protective styles have always given us the opportunity to explore and have fun while giving our natural hair a much needed rest.  Amber got creative with a custom color for a client recently that met filled her request.
Custom color and style by Amber.
Amber and Melissa have connected before and used color, texture and braids for styles that had details authentic to Melissa, making the style unique to her.  For Fall, she's wearing her hair straight causing you to forget her last style included shaved sides.

Melissa's Fall Style.  More here.

Candace went with Marley twists to protect her hair a while ago and had some fun of her own.  Adding a bit of color switched up her twists and she even channeled a bit of Janet while experimenting.

Candace in Marley Twists

 Go ahead.  Play!  Experiment! Enjoy your protective styles.  If it goes wrong, it really is just hair.  Take it out!

Oct 13, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Knots + Braids

I decided to revisit an old faithful to create curls now that my hair is much shorter.  I've tried bantu knots at different stages of growth and this is definitely the time for them.  It only took about ninety minutes to knot.  I didn't plan well enough for them to air dry, which showed in the final result.  Although time under the dryer feels like slow torture, next time I'll probably sit there to let them set initially and then finish air drying.

Simple knots for curls.

I'm going with curls and texture right now to help me stick to my current free form stint.  I'm still putting some time in between maintenance and the styles have really helped. I love that returning to something so simple can give new life to my hair and renew my energy and patience.  

My lack of enthusiasm about the results clearly showed in my not taking any pictures, but I am excited to try something new again this week.  It took me a while to get here, but I'm back.  The hesitation with styling was definitely all about the re-learning curve.  Its amazing all the subtle ways I'm still adjusting to this length again.
Hair Lust: If I still had the length....

I'm going to play around with braids next.  My goal is to create a 2-for-1 style that I can wear up for a few days before taking the braids down to avoid the dryer.  I've done it before with longer hair, but this length and angle make it a bit different for me. As long as I can get something similar to the pattern like this for more than three days, I'll consider it a win.  

Hair Lust: Textured Locs

And I promise pictures this time.  For better or for worse.

Aug 20, 2014

DISCUSSION: Removing braids, shed hair, and bald spots - HELP!

As a person who rocks braids more than wearing my hair out, I've had my experience with taking down my braids and thinking, "OH MY GOD! I'm gonna be bald, my hair is shedding like CRAZY!"

Shed Hair vs. Hair Loss vs. those braids you thought were "so cute" is a real fear. We've heard stories of that friend who lost her edges or had bald spots after rocking a braided style. Maybe her braids were too tight, maybe her scalp too sensitive, or maybe she whipped her hair back & forth a bit too much. Either way she's decided that 'braids are the devil' and the hair that is balled up on the floor is her evidence. So let's discuss the differences and what you need to do.

When I take my braids out - I get a BALL OF HAIR too - What's up? - That's SHED HAIR. Seeing a bunch of shed hair, after removing braids, weave, or a protective style is scary yet totally normal. Remember, we usually shed 50 - 100 hairs PER DAY!

The average protective style or braid installation lasts for about 6-8 weeks. Doing the math - that equals 2,100 - 4,200 hairs locked into your braids during your installation. SO when you remove the style, you'll see all this hair and you will think - I'M GOING BALD! But you aren't it's just shed hair that wasn't able to fall out because it was braided tightly into your installation.

I removed my braids/weave and now I have a BALD SPOT/No EDGES! Help! - Now, if you remove your braids or weave installation and you find you have a bald spot (or broken spot or sad edges) this is not the end of the world. But it does mean your installation was TOO TIGHT and your hair follicles gave up the ghost. It sucks, but the hair will come back. Nightly scalp messages with essential oils, leaving your hair out of tight protective styles, and light manipulation will stimulate hair growth in that area.

BUT my hair is STILL shedding, I think I'm going bald for real! - Now, you've taken down your braids or removed your weave. You've been being gentle, and it STILL seems like you hair is shedding more than usual, it's time to see an expert. First step, go to a hairstylist who you trust. She can tell you if your hair is breaking, shedding, or if you are experiencing true hair loss. She may even suggest you see a dermatologist. Sometimes hair loss or excessive shedding can be fixed by adding vitamins, changing our diet, or adding/removing a product.

Don't be scared to ask the question to get the results.

So if you see any of these issues after removing your braids - don't IMMEDIATELY blame the braids, their could be a number of reasons why your hair decided to say good-bye.

Jul 20, 2014

DISCUSSION: Would you rock the Braided LACEFRONT WIG!

So, this picture floated across my timeline earlier today - you know black twitter exploded! Lol! Apparently, the braided lacefront wig is phenomena that not many knew about. Whoop, y'all late! 

Brandy been rocking lacefront braided wigs for a minute now! If you watch the "Put It Down" video she changed her hair style no less than four times. There's no way you can fit all those braids under all those different wigs. The braids … are a wig too! Lol, Hollywood Magic!

I'm not knocking the idea of a braided wig. People been rocking braided wigs since Ashford & Simpson days! However, I think it's the lace front and the baby-hairs that got people going crazy. It's pretty fly though! 

So, would you rock this wig? It's the ultimate protective style with a dash of trend thrown in. PLUS, you don't have to worry about pulled edges or lost time (8-12 hrs in a chair). Hmmm … I've almost convinced myself to get one! Lol! 

Wanna buy a lacefront braided wig? 
Check out

Jul 17, 2014

THROWBACK: Queen Latifah's braided crown

I had to post this photo of Queen Latifah. I found this picture on Pintrest and it toolk me back to the days that everyone rocked that 'Afrocentric' look. We weren't  #teamnatural yet, but it was the trend to rock everything that referenced Africa. 

Queen Latifah's goddess braids are a technique I hadn't seen used in a long time. It's a great protective style that one could rock for a week or so. And who doesn't love a throwback! 

Jun 20, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - 'Summertime'

Its official: we made it through another cold winter plus a rainy spring and we're headed towards the fun and freedom of summer. Which involves: Memorial Day Weekend, Schools out for summer, Spontaneous cookouts and backyard parties are inevitable.  Maxi dresses and fine linens will make their appearance. 

And women everywhere are starting the same conversation with one question:  What am I going to do with my hair this summer?

Are you thinking about cutting your hair?

 Maybe some color?

Perhaps braids are for you?

Or maybe all three?

Let us know what you're doing with your hair this summer!  Stay tuned to our hair diaries to see how the ladies of Natural in Nashville are treating our tresses this summer.

Of course, no one describes this time of year better than Will Smith in "Summertime" with DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Enjoy the hair, the fashion and all the memories they bring.  Have a happy, safe Memorial Day Weekend! 


May 29, 2014

Hair Lust: Braided and Bold

Summer time is braid time! With the warm weather we are ready to travel. Let's hit the beach, hike our fave trail, or go visit the big city - what ever the choice I know we don't want to be bothered with our hair. Girl, braid it up! Box braids using synthetic hair is one of my fave styles. Of course I love this cool pic featuring my fave style!

What's your fave summer style? 

May 6, 2014

HAIR LUST: Blond Ambition

This week I've had several convos about what people think natural hair can and CANNOT do. I'm so tired of natural hair nazis telling me what my hair can't or should not look like. So that's why I chose this photo. I love the creativity of her blond hair and these long braids. 

Black women have had this liberty for so long - to be able to rock their hate whatever way possible. Never be afraid! 

Feb 21, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM - Sister Sledge "We Are Family"

I cannot begin to describe how excited we are for our first Natural in Nashville Meet Up.  The possibility of bringing women together to connect and strengthen our natural hair community here in Nashville truly made us happy.  Your response made us ecstatic.

Sister Sledge

Since our last NIN staff meeting, Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" has been playing on my mental airwaves.  Music will always work when words fail.  It is the perfect song to describe how we feel right now!

Love the braids!
I knew a quick search for these ladies online would create all kinds of natural hair happiness.  And of course the internet did not let me down.  I got everything from cute updos and sleek buns to full afros and intricate braiding.  Hair lust!

A recent picture of Sister Sledge.  Their hair is still beautiful!

This is exactly what we hope to see at the meet up - everything!  That is the true beauty of natural hair:  there is no limit to creativity.  We can't wait to see your creativity up close and personal!

Here is a performance of "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge in 1980.  We can't wait to have all of our Sisters with us!


Feb 6, 2014

THE TREND: What are Faux Locs/Genie Locs?

You know we are on all the social media platforms, so I'd be dumb not to be able to spot a trend. For two years Senagalese Twists reigned supreme as the protective style/extention technique that all the natural girls had to try. Now, FAUX LOCS or GENIE LOCS are the hot topic!

What are Faux Locs/Genie Locs? Simply it's wrapping your natural hair or a synthetic extension with synthetic hair to achieve a loc (dreadloc) look. Some people use yarn to wrap the hair which gives a more natural looking 'loc'. Wrapping with yarn (yes regular knitting yarn) is called YARN LOCS. (click here for a tutorial on yarn locs)

Faux Locs are the ultimate protective style. First you braid your hair, which is a protective style within itself. Then you wrap the braided hair with more synthetic hair to give it a smooth look. Each loc isn't perfect which adds to the traditional loc look and the appeal. Lots of ladies use faux locs as way to figure out if they want to loc their hair permanently.

So, what's the pros and cons of installing faux locs?

Pros: Protective style, long-lasting install, do-it-yourself-able, and versatile look (you can add/remove color while hair is installed)

Cons: Installation process can be 13-20 hours, hair can lose moisture being wrapped, synthetic hair can be stressful on real hair and cause breakage, synthetic hair is heavy when wet, and synthetic hair can snag on clothes due to the finishing process (burning the ends).

Should you install faux locs? Hmm, you hair should be ultra healthy and very strong. You should be ready to wear an install for more than six week. In addition, if you can't install the braids yourself, you should find a PROFESSIONAL to do the job. I know Braids by Ashanti can install faux locs if you live in Nashville.

Wanna do it yourself, check out the YouTube video below. KnottiKurls explains various techniques and her findings of installing Faux Loc DIY style.

(photos found on Tumblr)
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