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May 22, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Kiya Lacey - "I Know" featuring Petty

Summer is coming and Music City will come alive.  Concert series are on their way, the Bonnaroo line up has been announced and our favorite local artists are tuning up to bring us their best.

Kiya Lacey
Kiya Lacey is one local artist I hope to see soon. At 19, her voice has elements of jazz, R&B, and hip hop that can remind you of a time before she was even born.  As a singer/songwriter, Kiya delivers love and joy in the same way she delivers the harsh realities of society: with passion and depth.

Nov 21, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: India Arie f. Akon - "I Am Not My Hair"

This time of year is always seems to be a unique mixture of our past, present and future.  Families are planning to gather and celebrate each other and their traditions.  Individually we're planning for the year ahead while showing gratitude for the blessings of the year that has passed.

Candice, Toya, Ashiya, and Melissa at the 30th Annual African Street Festival 2012
It is a time of change and it has certainly landed at Natural in Nashville.  We will already miss Amber, just as we miss Toya.  That gives us another reason to be thankful for our online community. We can see them flourish and grow where they have been planted now.  And we miss them a little bit less.

NIN Spring 2014 Photo Shoot: Candice, Ashiya, Amber and Melissa.

The team is changing and growing for 2015 and we are excited for the next leg of our collective natural hair journey.  One thing writing for Natural In Nashville has confirmed for me is something we all know:  it is more than hair.  Healthy hair is the result of a healthy mind, body and Spirit.  It truly does depend on our lifestyle.

NIN Spring Meet Up: Melissa, Candice, Ashiya and Amber

Nothing made this more evident than looking over the blog and seeing our health concerns, personal beliefs and special moments in life all connected to stories about our hair.

As we welcome two new writers and prepare for 2015, I found no better song than this classic from Ms. India Irie.  We come here to share about our hair, but it is so much more!

Stay tuned to Natural in Nashville on Facebook for more on our new writers!

We can't wait to see you at the Natural in Nashville Holiday #PopUpMeetUp!  Get tickets here.

Nov 7, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Beyonce - "Ring The Alarm"

Today is the birthday of one of our favorite naturals in Nashville, HalfieTruths.  Happy Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, Kenya!

We have big love for Kenya at Natural in Nashville for so many reasons!  Obviously, she beautiful. But then she's subtly beautiful as well.  This beauty shines through when she allows herself to be vulnerable and share the more intimate parts of her life experience.

Ms. Gayle, Kenya and Kristi during our Spring #NINMeetup.  

What I love and am most inspired by is her freedom.  She is just as comfortable saying, "here is my joy and pain" as she is saying "that's none of your business".   When we guard our hearts and our personal space with strength, people often mistake our intent.  I can always appreciate a woman who will do what it takes to protect her Spirit.  I am that woman.

Follow @HalfieTruths on IG + Twitter.

Its the same freedom that allows us to embrace each part of who we are.  Some days that means we have to "Ring The Alarm".   And be okay with it.

Kenya, B'Day just seemed like the right place honor you in song. (insert green heart)

Thank you for reminding me that it is okay to use my strength to protect the gentle parts of myself.

You've got an amazing year ahead of you.  Enjoy!

Sep 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE 'Hustle & Fro' tees on sale now!

Last week, I posted an OOTD (outfit of the day) on our sister-site, Fab Glance, that featured this cute 'Hustle & Flow' t-shirt. Well, as soon as it hit the net, lot's of you inquired about it. Truthfully, I'd bought this shirt more than two years ago from a random vendor at one of the many festivals I attended. 

But I couldn't let y'all down. I went to TeeSpring and designed a Natural in Nashville version complete with the NIN logo on the back! SOOO fly! Now I wanna order one of these too!

So, if you are hustling . . . and you got a fro, make sure to order one of these fly shirts. As always, the shirt won't print unless we have 15 orders. So get to ordering, you have a limited time!

May 16, 2014

EVENT: Meet-Ups & Product Swaps in Nashville, May 17, 2014


Tomorrow is International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (NHMD). NHMD was created by a group of ladies with a desire to build-up the natural hair community, one city at a time. On May 17, 2014, cities across the country will host meet-ups for natural hair wearers (and those interested in natural hair.). Unfortunately, Nashville is not an OFFICIAL host city for NHMD. But there are several events that will get you to network and kick it with your curly sisters.

Kenya P aka HalfieTruths (purple) and Kristi A of Kinky Rootz Salon (black)
The two natural hair events happening tomorrow aren't officially sponsored by the NHMD team, you can still celebrate the essence of the day. If you enjoyed our speakers from the #NINMeetup, Kenya and Kristie (above), then you have a chance to mix & mingle with them tomorrow at two fun events. Take a look below and RSVP ASAP!

On May 17, 2014 from 1:00p-4:00p the NASH NATURALS Facebook Group is hosting a small product swap/meet & greet at Kinky Rootz salon in Nashville. This event is INVITE only and you MUST have a ticket to attend. There are a small amount of tickets available HERE. This will be a super-fun and informational event, make sure to RSVP quickly.


Then from 6:00p-8:00p, Kenya aka @HalfieTruths is hosting Curls and Cocktails at Wxyz Bar, ALOFT Hotel (1719 West End Ave).

Curls & Cocktails is where natural women, of all backgrounds, come to socialize with other like-minded women who are on a similar journey in life! This is an event where you can put on your cutest look, style your hair, and come have a drink and have some fun! RSVP HERE

So, I hope you can hit up one of these events tomorrow to mix & mingle with your fellow natural hair divas! OH YEAH!

Apr 28, 2014

#NINMeetup Spring 2014: Pictures and Review!

Melissa, Candice, Ashiya, and Amber!

 Last month, we had our first meet-up and it was glorious! So glorius that our popularity increased, t-shirt sales were through the roof, and I was busier than ever. All excuses for me not posting these photos. LOL! But I know y'all love me and you don't mind. So let's take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some pics from the event.

And I know the big question, "When's the NEXT #NINMeetup?" 
August! And it's going to be AMAZING!!! I can't wait to start letting you know!

Enjoy the photos!

Our AMAZING volunteers! Thanks for helping us!
One of the hair models and Amber - Amber did her hair and it was AMAZING!
The Aveda student-sylists show us how to get the best out of our hair.
Our speakers for the day - Ms Gale of Aveda, Kenya aka @HalfieTruths, and Kristi Alderson of Kinky Rootz Salon
During our ice-breaker game, the participants were asked to find someone with hair like theirs. We see the loc'd ladies found each other.
The sign-in table and raffle ticket area
Make sure to view more photos on the Facebook page. Tag yourself if you see yourself.

Apr 7, 2014

Nashville Naturals: Nashville Southern Women's Show

A few weeks ago our Editor-in-Chief and I had the opportunity to represent the Natrual in Nashville Team for Shea Moisture at the Nashville Southern Women's Show. It was a great time and and during our downtime we decided to walk the convention for goodies and to see if we could spot any awesome natural hairstyles. And we did.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get the names of the beautiful Nashville Naturals, so if you know them please leave a comment or share this post with them.

 Shea Moisture Wild Orchid and Shea Butter Line. Honestly its pretty amazing. It has Shea Butter with deeply moisturizes and repairs skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Lavender calms and soothes skin irritation, and Orchid Extract which repairs damaged skin and helps prevent moisture loss. I have been using the oil in my oil cleansing regime for my face and I love the results.  I've also been using the oil along with the body butter for my skin and it seals in moisture and softenss all day.  I definitely recommend this line.  

The first fro we spotted it was huge and marvelous!!!

Colorful Afro Puff

Regal Marley Twists 

 Classic Small Box Braids

Sassy TWA with Side Part 

Color and Bangin Twistout 

Apr 3, 2014

Nashville Naturals: Emmanuel Ehiemua

Our Nashville meetup was awesome. So when I saw Emmanuel in one of my least favorite places, I had to keep the awesomeness rolling. I'd like to introduce you to Emmanuel Ehiemua! Say "Hi Emmanuel".

Hi Emmanuel!
Emmanuel was displaying his awesomeness in that store doing good things. So, because you can never get in and out of that store in a timely manner, we had time to chat it up. First things first: HAIR. I totally wasn't being a creeper or anything, but I first saw him from behind. I noticed his hair immediately. I know locs are more common with men nowadays, but they are often neglected. His locs were thick and lush and shiny, so I couldn't help but share. Take a gander.

This was the first view I caught of Emmanuel.
Tell me you hair fiends wouldn't have noticed!!! 
Emmanuel said that he's been growing his locs for 6 years. All of this happened in 6 years. It kind of made me want to get my hair life in order. And if you're wondering about his name, Emmanuel is a first generation American Nigerian who was born right here in Nashville. He is definitely a fan of women who embrace their natural beauty. Although he had never heard of Natural in Nashville, Emmanuel loves to see women with natural hair. He also shared that he is always encouraging Black women to be their natural selves. I know we love on ourselves, but it's so fresh to hear it from a man every now and then.

I'm 0-3 against the fluorescent lights. But you can see where I'm headed.

Now, the glare of the fluorescent lights tried to steal some of his thunder. But just imagine it without all of that. And while we waited, I learned that Emmanuel loves his job working with school-aged children. When he's not working with kids, he spends time being... an author. Yep. He has a published book of love poems. He was gracious enough to let me post his face on the internet. So I don't mind telling you that you can buy his book of poetry here on Amazon. He even gave me an autographed copy. How cool is that?

You know how sometimes you come across someone who has a genuine glow of niceness? I definitely have. Emmanuel's personality is just as nice as his hair.

So, what do you think? Nice, right?! Remember that the NIN team is out and about with our cameras[phones]. If you're not afraid to smile for the camera, you could be our next feature.

Mar 25, 2014

#NINmeetup: Meet our Speakers

Kenya Patterson aka @HalfieTruths and Kristi Alderson of Kinky Rootz Salon

With less than 5 days away from the big event - I wanted to introduce you to our FEATURED speakers for the #NINmeetup Spring 2014: Kenya Patterson and Kristi Alderson! During the event we'll have a panel discussion where our guests and the NIN team will answer your natural hair questions. So let's talk about our featured guests.
Kenya Patterson, aka @HalfieTruths is the hostess of Curls & Cocktails. Kenya is a writer and blogger in her early 30′s, living in-love, here in Nashville. She describes herself as brassy, loyal, hilarious, and honest. Some think that Kenya is a "natural-hair enthusiast," but she likes to think of herself as a "self-enthusiast" who loves natural hair and uses it as a platform to discuss all things beautiful & real! Her hope is that people are comfortable with who they are, by nature, so if she's guilty of promoting anything, it's self-awareness, growth & happiness by any means necessary! Kenya is looking forward to exchanging energy with you!
Kristi Alderson, owner of Kinky Rootz Hair Salon, an all natural hair salon concept created in October 2004. Kristi is a Licensed Natural Hair Professional and a pioneer in the natural hair community. Her salon is located in the historical Music Row area in downtown Nashville. Kristi has been a licensed professional for 10 years offering chemical-free natural hair services (with the exception of color) to men, women, and children to include  Kristi takes a unique approach providing salon services that "Redefine beauty....Naturally". Her ultimate goal is to educate and nurture individuals on their natural hair journey providing complimentary consultations and salon services without the use of pressing combs, blow dryers, or flat irons.
I selected these two ladies for our panel discussion because every time I've talked with them they ALWAYS kept it real about natural hair and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Kenya and Kristi will be available to answer your questions and offer advice on living this natural hair journey.

Of course, the NIN team will be available to answer questions as well. Together we have more than 20 years experience dealing with natural hair. In addition, we all have different curl patterns, styling routines, and experiences as writers for this blog.

We hope this panel discussion is informative and FUN! We may not be able to answer EVERY question, but we will be able to share info.

We can't wait to see you at the #NINMeetup, Sunday, March 30, at the Aveda Institute in Cool Springs!

Feb 18, 2014

Nashville Naturals: Fly Wash and Go Styles

Meet Ebony (on the left) and Toni (on the other left)
This Sigma Gamma Rho duo was spotted a couple of weeks ago. It was hard not to notice that they were both rocking some awesome wash and go styles. I couldn't help but ask them for a picture. I was totally taken by them.

Ebony has been natural for 4 years. I asked about her wash and go, but it was more like a "style the night before so you can get up in the morning and go". She did the whole style the night before, and got up and refreshed in the morning. But her definition is AMAZING!!! I love it.

Toni has been natural for 3 years. Her curls and waves were also great. She keeps her wash and go true to the definition. Whatever she uses, it's working! 3 years of growth has me wondering what her length retention  is. My guess is 99.8%.

If you see a member of the NIN team out and about, don't be afraid to say hello. And if we notice your hair, don't be afraid to smile for the camera.

Oct 9, 2013

We're on INSTAGRAM! Follow us!

You asked for it an it's here - the Natural in Nashville team is now on Instagram! 

Now, you can see updates from (Melissa, Ashiya, Amber, and Candice) the team daily. There will be reminders of blogposts, hair lust posts, motivational posts, and contests! So make sure to follow us on Instagram -> @NaturalinNash

Oh yeah, make sure to follow us on other social media sites:

Sep 30, 2013

WIN A FREE MAKEOVER at the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo!

After all the planning and scheduling, the Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo happens on October 5-6 at the Tennessee State University's Gentry Center. You already know Elle Varner, Kenny Lattimore, Eric Benet, and Kindren The Family Soul will perform. But did you know Curly Nikki, Felicia Leatherwood, and Deshonica Kerrie will discuss natural hair and answer you questions?


SO - do you need a natural hair makeover, you are in luck! The NNHWE is hosting the BEAUTY 2.0 Makeover Contest! Enter the Beauty 2.0 Contest by submitting your story and photo to us at Send your photo and story to the email; the person with the most votes will win, plus be presented on stage on October 6, 2013.

Aug 12, 2013

EVENT: Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo, October 5-6, 2013

Visit for more info

I'm happy to announce that Natural in Nashville is an official media partner for the 2013 Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo! This event is not JUST a hair show, but a health and beauty initiative that will work in part to inform and educate Nashville's citizens about health and beauty products/services in this area. The event will occur on October 6th with several preliminary events leading up to the big EXPO weekend.
The expo will provide you with access to some of the nation's most talented professionals, including educators, stylists, health care service providers. You will also be able to access products, fitness training and entertainment all under one roof. See you there!
CLICK HERE for tickets

Jul 2, 2013

Kid Kool: Kicking it Old School!

This weekend I had the pleasure if giving my godson a 'mini' makeover. For the last three months, he's been growing out his hair to get a new style. Well, new to him … not to us.

My godson, J'halin, went to a consultation with my favorite barber, Tristan (celeb barber to the stars) who told him how to maintain his hair until he got his new cut. 

Before the cut, three months worth of growth
After that, I watched my little homie go through what a lot of us ladies go through when growing out our hair. He had to learn how to take care of a longer length, wash it more often, and learn what moisturizers kept his "head from being itchy."  It was a struggle for him. His mom made him learn to take care of his hair because this was the first time he was able to choose what type of haircut he wanted.

Before and After!
In the end, he was able to rock his new style: A modified box fade with a side step part! Kicking it old school like Omar Epps from the movie 'Juice'!

Thanks TRISTAN for the amazing haircut! Almost had me thinking about cutting my hair again! Wanna get you little prince a fly cut? Contact Celeb Barber, Tristan, here.

Jul 1, 2013

Introducing AMBER, our new writer!

Ok, I've been teasing everyone on the Facebook channel for weeks as the team prepared to add a new writer to the site. After Toya left, I thought of doing another public search for a new writer. But, as I scrolled through instagram one day, I saw my friend, Amber. She posted one of her (many) hair photos, and I had an idea to invite her to write for the site. Luckily she answered with an ecstatic "YES" and I knew I had a writer that the readers would love.

So, let me tell you about Amber. Amber is a twenty-something cosmetology student in living in Nashville. She's also a professor of Theater at Middle Tennessee State University, an amateur photographer, natural hair stylist, and lover of all things old school. Amber loves natural hair and natural hair care. I knew she'd be an awesome addition to the site because she loves to switch up her style and she's good at what she does. I mean, take a look at her many hair styles (above); Amber is always changing her look and rocking her 'natural' HER WAY. She embodies everything that Natural in Nashville is all about.

I know Amber is going to have some great input for the site! Get ready!

Wanna know more about Amber? 

May 23, 2013

Limited Edition Natural in Nashville T-Shirt

It's finally here! The Natural in Nashville T-Shirt!

During the Music City Naturals event, so many of you asked if we had any Natural in Nashville t-shirts and I had to say "no". But now, it's available. This exclusive limited edition design features the iconic Natural in Nashville logo designed by BeXclusives. It is available for the next two weeks. The profits will be used to help build the website and provide you, the reader, more awesome content.

Click the link: to order your shirt. Each shirt is $20 plus shipping/handling. Once we reach 30 shirts ordered, you're receive your shirt on/about June 20, 2013. If sales go well, we'll expand the line to include other items.

I'm so happy to offer the Natural in Nashville logo to you and I know you will rock the 'fro with pride. Let the world know that you are a Natural in Nashville.

May 22, 2013

PHOTOS: Music City Naturals Event 2013

Guests fill the space and check-in for the MCN Event
 Oh my gosh! I think the high from executing the Music City Naturals Event has finally died down. Melanie, TaRee, and I are more than grateful for your presence at the event. Seriously, each guest was a blessing. To see the seats filled with lovely, attentive natural haired ladies was just OVERWHELMING! I mean, we thought people would like the event, but your attendance surprised us even more. Guests were filling in the building almost to the last hour! Oh, I can not forget to give a HUGE shout-out to the volunteers! They were beyond great, these ladies were exceptional!

Thanks to our vendors!
If you didn't get a chance to make it to the event, you missed out, but we are already planning on another FLY event in the fall. You know I'll keep you posted.

Below are photos from the event. In all of our planning, we forgot to hire a photographer (DUH!) but we did have a guest who volunteered for the position.

One of two vendor suites

Packed out for the seminars

Design Essentials team doing hair demos

To see more photos CLICK HERE
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