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Jul 7, 2015

READER REVIEW: Design Essentials Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard

Below is a READER REVIEW  by Tiffany P:

I received a Product Junkie Box from It’s My Hair Magazine Inside was one of the best products I’ve ever tried! If you’re not using the Design Essentials Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard, I’m telling you you’re missing out! My hair and I are absolutely in love with it. There are so many great benefits that this product promises. The label claims that it defines and elongates curls and coils and adds shine. I can say, for me this was definitely true.

Feb 17, 2015

PHOTO: Curl Patterns found in natural hair

I stumbled across this wonderful pictorial while on FaceBook. This photo shows the most common curl patterns/hair types found in black hair. This is one of the BEST photos I've found to identify curl patterns.

Although some feel curl typing in the natural hair community is divisive - I don't agree. Knowing your curl pattern vs. envying and being jealous of other curl patterns is a WHOLE 'nother story. Knowing your curl pattern will help you find the best products and techniques to help retain length. Plus, we know that curly hair is more prone to tangles, split ends, and environmental damage that hinder hair growth. Those issues make many think black hair can't grow long. It's important to understand your curls. Online shops like can help find products that work for your curl pattern.

Of course I have to give credit to the photographer and stylist responsible for helping these women grow long natural hair. Her name is Reniece a hair stylist out of Atlanta. She shares her techniques and personal hair journey on her YouTube channel, ReneiceHairTV. She doesn't have many video's on her channel, but what's listed will give you faith that your hair can grow LONG too. Check out the video below - you'll be so inspired!

Jan 19, 2015

Meet our new writer - JOMILLA

"This is not my first year being natural but it is my first year rocking it and I'm excited to share it with NIN every step of the way"

This has been a long time coming - at least six months, but we finally found a new writer. When I knew that Amber was moving to Georgia, I knew we needed to fill her spot. I received plenty of submissions, but the person I selected has exceeded my expectations. Ok, NIN readers, meet . . . JOMILLA!

Jomilla is an MTSU Grad, newlywed, new mom, and experienced writer. She's written for many local papers and edited at MTSU. Personally, I've known Jomilla since she was in high school, but I never knew she had this gorgeous head of natural hair and grand writing experience. She's also a new mom of a gorgeous little girl, so she'll have some mommy advice to share as well. I'm so happy she's agreed to share her natural hair experience with us.

As stated above, Jomilla's not newly natural, but this is the first time she's embraced the natural hair lifestyle. Often, when you wear wigs and weaves, your real hair kinda becomes a memory. It's important to let your real hair breath and play around with it. You can't have perfect hair every day, but you can have healthy hair all the time if you learn to take care of it.

I'm excited to see Jomilla's hair grow and her experience being shared with you. This year Natural in Nashville hopes to be the source of natural hair inspiration - in Nashville and beyond. Join me in welcoming Jomilla to our team! Say "Hi!" to her in the comments section!

Wanna learn about our other writers, CLICK HERE!

Nov 11, 2014

HAIR LUST: Terrific Twist-out

Nothing makes me happier than a terrific twist-out. When you decide to wear your hair natural, mastering a twist-out is key. It's such a simple style but can be hard to get right. Finding that combo of the right products, the right way to part/separate your hair, and the right amount of time to wear your twists can be maddening. But when you get it right - the results are glorious.

Do you have some tips for finding the best twist-out? Leave your tips in the comments section!

Oct 14, 2014

HAIR LUST: Loads of LOVELY length

I think every girl, when she decides to 'go natural' they find the picture of the girl with the longest curly hair ever. Not saying you can't wish for this length as a hair goal, but you can get a bit frustrated when your hair doesn't grow quickly.

Now, I wish I knew this girl so I could hear her story. Her hair is just GORGEOUS. It looks so healthy and well taken care of. This is the product of dedication and PATIENCE. To all my long-hair sisters, what's your secret? How did you by-pass the awkward length stage? Give us some tips in the comment box.

May 13, 2014

DISCUSSION: That's not NATURAL! Dealing with Natural Hair Bullies

IG Natural Hair sensation, @Mz_Tammy, rocking a great blow-out
Sigh! I'm writing this post with all the attitude of a teenager asked to wash the dishes during a Love and Hip-Hop marathon. Let me set it up:

I was enjoying a wonderful lunch at the Farmer's Market and I noticed a very cute couple. They were eating lunch as well. Sidenote: Yes, I was ear hustling, don't judge me. The young lady had a cute natural 'do. It was pinned up and kinda looked like a Janelle Monae style. I could tell her hair was quite healthy.

The guy, her boyfriend, commented her hair and asked what she'd do with it "since it's getting hot outside. He asked, earnestly and honestly, "Would you straighten it anytime soon. Like with a flat-iron?" Poor thing. He didn't even know he was dating a Natural Hair Nazi. Ol' girl went OFF!

"Listen, girls who say that they are NATURAL but they use heat to straighten their hair are NOT natural. I am not one of those people. You will NEVER see me use heat, color, or anything that takes away from the hair that grows out of my head." she trailed on and on. The boyfriend kinda looked glazed in the eyes. I was feeling . . . Some kinda way.

This color isn't 'natural' but it sure is NICE
I cannot take it! I get so tired of the argument of what's natural and what's not:
  • If you wear a weave as a protective style - you not really natural.
  • If you straighten your hair - you're not really natural (and you are subscribing to the white aesthetic- SIGH)
  • If you color your hair - you're not really natural - unless you have locs then that's ok . . .
So let's get real - the most natural anyone can be is the baby that's being born as I type this post.

If you use shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, and the like, that you didn't MAKE in your own kitchen, you are already stepping away from the natural line. And, if you don't have a 100% natural diet, straight from the ground, that you grew yourself, then you step a bit further from the natural line. So, technically, if you ONLY stop using relaxers, then you aren't as natural as your sister who is 100% organic in EVERYTHING she does (what she puts on her head and what she puts in her mouth).

My friend, Tonya, rocking her flat ironed hair.
What I hate is when people want to JUDGE the next person for the choices they make with their hair. The glory of letting go of the relaxer life is seeing what your hair can do. It's also about finding an identity that you never knew existed. Letting go of the relaxer is a journey in patience, education, and diligence.

What I hear when someone starts talking about what's natural and what's not is someone who is trying to tell me what's BLACK and what's not. This is the ongoing convo with black women and our hair decisions. If you can't see the kink then I'm not that natural. If she has a lighter complexion, then you'll hair commentary about how her natural hair journey is 'easier' than our kinky sisters. The point of the matter is - IT'S JUST HAIR and it's a personal decision. The way I wear my hair doesn't define my BLACKNESS nor my association in the Natural Hair community.

The new natural, reading this post, doesn't need a Natural Hair Bully telling her what she can and cannot do with her hair. I'm not gonna say that using constant heat, dyes, or chemical filled products is the BEST thing you can do for your relaxer-free hair. But, if you wanna do it, I'm not going to judge you. I'm not going to be the one to condemn you, but I will be the person to help you find a healthy route to dealing with damage - IF it happens

So ladies, if you are the 98% natural wonder, don't turn your nose up at the lady with the blue hair, weave, or the straightened 'do. You can be there for her when she trying to up her natural hair percentage.

Apr 21, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: Revisiting Straight Hair

Okay. The flash got me. But still... check out my hair.
The last time I had my hair straightened was February 2013. I've been trying to get myself to straighten it since Christmas of last year. But finally, I achieved this long-lasting straight hair style via my favorite stylist, Tasha Shelton. It had been so long since I've had Tasha give my hair some professional care. I love that she's gentle with my hair even though it's thicker than average, and most of my hair is pretty coarse. It took a while to do, but I think it was worth it. What usually takes an 1.5 hours on someone else may take 2.5 hours on my head. Tasha said that my hair seemed to have gotten THICKER since the last time I was in her chair. She also said I should come in more regularly for a trim. Can't argue there. It had been over 6 months and I KNOW that I was overdue. I guess there are worse things that could be said to a client, so I'll take that.  *shrug*

So the current photo is on the left. The right is from Feb. 2013.
But MY HAIR THOUGH! On day 1 I had two different people ask me if I had a sew-in. *side-eye* Now that I have a side-by-side, I can see the growth. Especially since I had all that color cut off last summer and I can still see visible growth. I'm so inspired by something that I heard at the NIN meetup. I'm going to be more gentle with my hair and try to retain length. I'm probably not going to do regular length-checks; but expect to see my afro grow bigger.

Side twist. Twisted Bun. Side Pin-up. Straight hair is versatile, too.

 All in all, I had this style for 2.5 weeks. OF COURSE I didn't wear straight hair every day. And yes, it rained quite a few of those days. When I tell y'all my hair was LAID, I really mean it was LAID! Tasha did an excellent job. My thirsty hair stayed true to it's nature and soaked up the humidity, but I didn't have any real problems until I went dancing. The turn up was too much for straight hair. I was feeling fancy and left my elastic bands at home. Shout-out to my boyfriend who snapped this picture of me trying to do a make-shift side pinup with no hair pins and no hair ties. Oh the struggle.

I was downtown trying to save my hair.
The right photo is what it looked like the morning after.
This is the thing with straight natural hair. It can be fabulous! But, it takes maintenance to keep it looking its silky best, just like curly hair takes maintenance to keep it looking fly. See my face in the picture above?? It wasn't even hot outside. My hair was not here for my dance floor antics. *sigh*  I just KNEW that this was the beginning of the end. But I still got another week of wear out of this style. And not tragic, barely making it wear either. I had a good, FULL 2.5 weeks of wear. It could have lasted longer, but who goes that long without washing their hair?
Fun times. 
Straight hair that isn't naturally straight does take heat to maintain. I added heat to my hair on occasion. All but one of my heat styling was because I wanted curls. All in all, I wanted a break from the curly hair routine; and I did get a 2.5 week break. I learned a lot of new things about maintaining this style. The only products I used for maintenance were water, coconut oil, and a flat iron. The only time I put real effort towards straightening my hair was the morning after my sweaty "boogie night". Any other humidity problems could be solved by wrapping my hair. I loved the break, but I was going through curl withdrawal. I'm happy to back to my naturally curly self. I've learned so much this go around. I'm already planning my next blog for chemical-free naturals who wear their hair straight.

Do you wear your naturally curly hair straight? How do you maintain your natural straight styles? Leave a comment below!

Apr 15, 2014

HAIR LUST: Some curls with a braid on the side!

I don't know where I found this photo, but I knew I had to post it here. Lately, I've been obsessed with finding styles that suit short hair. This cute look is great for transitioners and for short hair naturals. It's also a good way to experiment with the shved-sides look.

Would you rock it?

Mar 3, 2014

MELISSA'S HAIR: No heat, Low Heat - it's a challenge!

Oh my! February came and went so quickly! I almost forgot it was my turn to post a Hair Diary. So here we go.

So last month, I talked about the various ways I've styled my hair since shaving my sides. This month, I really focused on not using heat on my hair. I love flat-ironing my hair - but I suffered some heat damage, so I had to stop doing that. I decided to challenge myself not to use heat. There's no way to FULLY recover from heat damage, but you can take extra care of the ends so your hair doesn't break off.

I did alright. I didn't use the flat-iron at all during February. I used the blow-dry, on a lower heat setting, one time because I had to leave quickly and it was really cold outside. Here's the two looks I rocked during February:

Here's my super puff. Basically, I two-strand twist my hair with Miss Jessie's Baby Butter creme. Click here to read my review of Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme. This look usually lasts about three days. This photo was snapped on Valentine's day. As each day passes, my hair usually gets more and more fluffy. Then I wash it, and start the process all over again. I usually put flexi-rods on the ends of the two-strand twists in order to disguise some of my straight pieces.

I call this look, The Johnny Bravo! Basically, I'm growing my hair as long as possible so that I can have the SUPREME pompadour! This look was achieved by blowing my hair (almost) straight using Dr. Miracle's Curl Care Blowout Foam. Then securing my hair with a small hair comb. It's super easy, and I can create this look in five minutes. If you have shaved sides, I suggest you perfect this look, it's super easy and looks very polished. You can make the pompadour as big or as small as you'd like.

So, I'm going to keep this NO/LOW HEAT party going. I did experience some nice growth. In addition, after a couple deep conditioning treatments, some of my straight pieces are getting wavy again - YAY! I'll keep you posted on my NO/LOW HEAT challenge.

Oh yeah, March 30th is our first meet-up! I can't wait to meet everyone! YAY!!!

Feb 17, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: Return of the Mini Twists

Happy Monday!

Let me preface this by saying that these mini-twists were not my idea.  I was forced coerced nudged to revisit this style by Melissa. I had been considering the style prior to the suggestion, but I decided against it. My hair has gotten longer, and I thought that it would take entirely too long to install mini-twists.

The top right is the beginning. The top left is the finish line.
In short: I was wrong. It took nearly the same amount of time that it did the last time I did mini-twists. If I exclude the breaks I took during the install (to eat, talk on the phone, and choose movies on Netflix), I spent between 6.5-7 hours on my hair. BUT... I've had them in for 3 weeks. I still have about a week left before I take them out. I've curled them and I've washed them; even the wash and set process only took about 15-20 minutes. Hair in this protective style is very low maintenance, but even a protective style needs a little TLC to stay in tip top shape. I used water and aloe vera gel to moisturize. I followed that with coconut oil or shea butter to seal in the moisture.
Straightening my twists after curls was as easy as 1. wash, 2. condition, 3. pin
and set

My twists are definitely coming down this week. I've seen what can happen when you leave mini-twists in too long. I don't want to have to deal with the tangles and knots that come with twists that try to become locs. It's been a good ride so far. Also, my urge to cut my hair has been quenched. I've been wearing my twists either curled or slightly shrunken. I LOVE rocking shorter hair. Especially since I've been craving a cut and my face is slightly more "short hair compatible" lately.

Short hair and loving it. Results of a flexi-rod set on mini-twists

I've already said that I'd never do mini-twists again because 1.) They are so time consuming to install. 2.) My arms get tired. 3.) They are so time consuming. But truth be told, I spent 6.5 hours on my hair. Before it's done, I will have gotten a whole month of super low maintenance styling. I think that it's a fair trade. Actually I come out on top doing mini twists. So... yes. I wouldn't have done this style again without some urging from a friend. But I may do them again I might do them again before the length of my hair makes them a little less worth the time of the install. Plus... PLUS I got to rock hats during the winter. Big-haired naturals are all too familiar with the hat struggle. It seems small, but sometimes it's the little things that make it all worth while.

I'd say this is protective style is a win in the winter or summer. What's your favorite protective style?

Feb 4, 2014

HAIR LUST: Rocking those Puffs


I was going through my cell phone and came across this photo of my goddaughter. OMG, isn't she the cutest! This pic was from last year, and I promise you, her hair is two times longer. I'm so happy her parents are raising her to love her natural hair! We love the natural babies!

Do you have any photos of you rocking your afro puffs?

Feb 3, 2014

MELISSA'S HAIR: I shaved my sides, now what?

So, I've been rocking the #shaved sides look for about two months. I have to say I really love it. Yes, I sometimes worry about the grow back process but other than that, I'm a happy camper. This hair cut has been the breath of fresh air that I needed! I thought I'd share some of the styles I've rocked since shaving my sides. In addition, I share my new routine too.

Sometimes I flat-iron
The first look I rocked when I cut my hair was the smooth and sleek look. The flat-iron and I have been best friends. I kept the smooth look for the first couple of weeks because, let's face it, shaving your head can be a bit different. People are taken aback; and I'd be lying if I said I didn't care what others think. However, as any natural girl knows, continuously using heat on your natural coils is a no-no. I suffered a bit of heat damage, but not too much. I knew I needed to start trying some new looks.

Two strand twist with flexi-rods
Getting over my obsession with flat-ironing my hair, I decided to spritz it with a bit of water and olive oil and apply some two-strand twists. I added a couple of flexi-rods two my straight pieces and  . . . WALLAH - MAGIC! I love wearing my hair this way, I still used heat to stretch after washing, but the definition is amazing. In addition, my ends are so sleek from the hair cut that my hair has a better finish. Don't be afraid to clip those ends ladies.

Then, last week, I decided, I'd like to go heat free for a month or so. I realized I've been ULTRA dependent on heat to may my hair 'smooth'. I really needed to get back to my roots and work with the kinks and curls God gave me. Above, is my two-strand twist on WET HAIR. It's a bit more frizzy but I had way more volume. My hair was sky-high and I loved it. Finding the right combo of products is what I need to get me away from the flat-irons.

Speaking of products, what have I been using? Thanks for asking:
Shampoo:  Aphogee Moisture Retention Shampoo
Conditioner: Design Essentials 6-N-1 Conditioner
Leave-in:  ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstucturizer
Heat-Protectant: Cantu Shea Butter Flat-Iron Spray
Styling Product: Shea Moisture Curl-Enhancing Smoothie (for wet-set/two-strand twists)

Blue hair, marley twists
I'm attempting to keep my regimen nice and simple because I have hair goals. I may not grow the sides back anytime soon, but I want ULTRA long/healthy hair at the top. That's why I have to step away from the heat and embrace the curls. That mean, HELLO protective styles (like the one above). As you can see, I'm having too much fun with my new look. 

My hair goal! OMYGAH! He's amazing!
This guy has my hair goal! I mean, OH MY GOSH do you see all that lux-ness! I'm so here for it! You know I'll keep you posted on my journey. One thing I can say, don't be afraid to try something new, it's just hair.

Jan 20, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: Winter Regimen

I know that it's been a while since I've done a hair diary. The hard part now that I'm back on track is that I have so much to say, and so little time to type it all. Basically, I've been having a big old love fest with my hair. It's been a lot of fun. I've been natural for years and sometimes I feel I'm just getting into the swing of things. I asked Melissa how I should set my natural anniversary. Is it the day I stopped getting relaxers, or is it the day I had all the remaining relaxed hair cut off? What do you think? Leave your answer in the comment section.

That day I tried something a little different... 

I've been wearing my hair slightly different to keep boredom at bay. I received this compliment from a fellow natural the day I wore a simple puff. It totally made my day. And the one time I let my hair not be so big for a couple of days, I fielded questions all day about my "haircut". Sometimes I played along, but mostly I would explain how some natural hair works, and then stretch a curl out so that they could see that all of my hair was there.

All day I got questions about my "haircut". I was very entertained.

So... I've been having the best hair days ever lately. My afro has been big and lush, my curls have been curly, and I've even seen a decrease in my single-strand knots. I really can't complain about the relationship between Khani and I. I treat her well and she returns the favor. My winter regimen is so easy! I wash my hair every 10 days or so. Right now, I'm very satisfied with Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Shampoo, or their Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. I deep condition (which means I use regular conditioner with a plastic bag and a blow dryer) with every shampoo. I switch my conditioners often, but the same Trader Joe's brand conditioners or Carol's Daughter Chocolat conditioner have been staples for months now.

After washing and conditioning, I moisturize my wet hair with aloe vera gel and seal with a homemade shea butter mix. I retwist it most nights, and remoisturize with water, aloe, and shea butter. When the water doesn't make my hair come back to life, that's a sign that my hair has been coated with shea butter, and it's time to clean my hair again. Simple works for me. And it works really well. The styling that I get to do with Khani (my hair) has taken a turn for the better.

Listen... when I say my hair has been giving me everything lately?! It definitely has.

I've even started getting some shine back. I started off with shiny hair, and then all of a sudden it became a "low luster" brand of kinks and curls. It was something I noticed, but I didn't throw a fit over. I feel like I'm getting that old thing back. I really have no complaints with my big and cooperative hair lately. I've been wanting to get it straightened and maybe trimmed, so that's next on the to-do list. So far, it's been tolerating the winter blasts and dry artificial heat really well. I'm going to stick to my regimen until I find a reason not to.

Versatility. 2 days, 2 completely different styles.

I know Valentine's Day isn't for another month. But Khani and I have been sweethearts and I can't get over it just now. I should serenade her Keith Sweat "Make it Last Forever" song. (Don't judge me when there are people who talk to plants.) It's funny that this love fest began again once I reminded myself that "It's just hair." Go figure. 

There is room in this curly love circle. Got something nice or awesome to share about your hair? You can also share your winter hair care tips in the comment section.

Nov 19, 2013

HAIR LUST: Happy Little Updo


Ahh! Nothing like the simplicity of a quick up-do. An up-do, on natural hair, can take a three day old twist-out to a new beginning. Just find some bobby pins or hair combs, at a bit of water and olive oil to moisturize, and smooth your hair up to the high heavens. This model's hair is super-cute and super easy to achieve. Give it a try!

Candice's Hair Diary: Dear Big Hair, I Care

Yes. Yes I do care about my big hair. I've been rocking a legitimate afro lately. I wouldn't be honest if I said I haven't enjoyed walking around with an eye-catching fro. I went a few weeks where I wore my afro every which way. I wore it to the side, in a high puff, in a low puff, and free as a bird. It was so much fun... until the single strand knots started coming. Single strand knots are like the loud, annoying drunk person that comes in the party and starts accidentally knocking things over. And I have a bad habit of snapping them off with my fingers. I know I'm not supposed to do that, but they are so annoying. I soon figured that it would be best for my hair and I if I put the afro away for a while. So all I have done lately is reminisce on the fun times I had as I let my fro frolic in the wind.

Since single strand knots had to rain on my parade... I had to do what's best for Khani (Yes. My hair has a name. Doesn't yours?) and put her away. So that's what I did. I tucked her away and let her get some rest. Because wearing a fro for that long takes work. I thoroughly detangled my hair nearly every day. I moisturized every day. Did I mention that I detangled every day?! That takes commitment. Oh the ladies in the 70s must have been all about that detangling life. I miss my big afro hair, but I've been wearing stretched and protective styles the past few weeks. I appreciate the break from detangling, and the minimizing of single-strand knots. Also the moisture retention, ease of manipulation, and time saving--- okay. So protective styling has its own benefits. Get into this totally accidental chunky twist style. I was preparing to take these down when our editor Melissa coerced suggested that I keep them in as a protective style. 

Talk about THICK hair...  

Besides giving my hair a break, I've also gone back to my kitchen mixologist ways. I've been making everything from face masks to shea butter mixes. My life has seen a rise in stress lately. Everything was getting out of whack... my skin, hair, diet... EVERYTHING. I really had to make an effort to find some time to decompress and get some rest and relaxation. Thanks to the recent holiday, I succeeded. And if you're wondering what r&r looks like:

My day of conditioning. I gave my hair and skin some much needed attention.
I don't mind showing the crazy side of my conditioning routine. It had been way too long since I paid attention to my skin. But neglect always shows itself eventually. I started to develop a gross breakout, so I knew it was necessary. My hair and skin benefited so much from the attention. I almost felt bad for forgetting to pay attention to myself. I came out on the other side looking like a normal human being. I came out on the other side looking like a normal human being and feeling like a shiny new penny. That's how I feel once I buffed away the stress and put some moisture back into my face and hair. I'm thinking of setting an appointment with myself so that I remember when it's time to do a deep condition and/or a facial. 

What's your favorite protective style? And how do you remember to make time for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Nov 12, 2013

DISCUSSION: You KNOW it's time for a haircut!


Since I've gotten my haircut, I've come to realize, I was REALLY neglecting my situation. So stuck on holding on to length, I neglected healthy hair. No matter how long you hair is, it's imperative that you schedule routine maintenance on your natural curls. Wear and tear cause ends to split and became frayed. Frayed ends are a NO-NO and will cause you hair to break off. 

Getting you ends clipped is one of the ways to ensure natural hair success.  Maybe you aren't stubborn when it comes to trimming your hair, maybe you just don't know. Below I've listed some tips to help you figure out when it's time to clip those ends:
  1. You have a TON of single strand knots - Single Strand Knots (aka Fairy Knots) happen when really curly hair tangles within itself, leaving little knots on EACH strand of hair. Once your hair has a single-strand knot, the only way to get rid of them is to clip those ends. Read more on Single Strand Knots 
  2. Your hair is SHEDDING like crazy - It's normal for you hair to shed. 100's of dormant hairs will depart your scalp on a daily basis. However, when it looks like you have more hair shedding that your used to, it may be time to clip those ends. Shed hair sometimes attaches to single strand knots and pulls the extra hair out during detangling. 
  3. It takes FOREVER to detangle - Every natural girl complains of detangling sessions. But when detangling is followed by knots, and extra shedding, then you need to trim. Frayed ends are more prone to tangles because they’re rougher and can easily get caught on one and other causing knots.
  4. Your hair is uneven - When I wore more hair in an updo most times, I never really appreciated the full length. But when I'd blow it out, I noticed the right side was long than the left. It happens. Unless you like wearing you hair in an asymetrical bob (a-la Salt & Pepa 1987) then it's time to get that trim.
  5. Your hair starts to lock - In shorter hair naturals, wearing you hair in wash-n-go styles tends to make you forgo detangling sessions. So, your ultra curly hair starts to loc, clump, or tangle. (source). Tangles that intense can only be removed with getting a cut. Don't let it get that way - get a trim regularly.
  6. You curls aren't CURLING - So you have a uniform curl pattern. But now, you curls aren't curling quite right. You may have a lot of frizz too. It's time to clip those ends and reveal those curls again.
These are just a couple ways to indicate when it's time to get a trim. No matter what the issue, you should routinely get you hair trimmed AT LEAST three times a year. Visiting a professional stylist can help you decipher how often to trim you ends and a professional stylist can help you figure out other issues/obstacles that may be holding you back from healthy hair.

QUESTION: When's the last time you got a trim?


Sep 4, 2013

CELEB STYLE: Beyonce's Natural Style

Happy Birthday Beyonce! I thought we'd take a look at her natural hair styles from the past. Some don't associate Beyonce with natural hair. Beyonce wears lace-front wigs to protect her natural hair from the rigors of the entertainment industry. Sometimes, like the photos above and below, Beyonce gives us a glimpse of her auburn curlies. I more prefer Beyonce with her big curly hair - but I know entertainment - celebs gotta keep switching it up!

Take a look at the curly natural inspired looks Beyonce's rocked in the past. Has Beyonce ever influenced your hair styles?

Aug 27, 2013

HAIR LUST: The perfect TWA

I love various levels of the natural hair sphere. From the buzz cut, to the TWA, to long and luxurious, every phase is gloriuous. I always make sure to remind myself to enjoy each phase because sometimes I find myself envying my fellow curl sister.

Anyway, is this not the most perfect TWA ever. The hair color on top and the slight coils give this cut a soft elegance. I post this photo in hopes to inspire you to embrace your natural, in whatever phase you're in!

Photography- Raymond Croft; Model -Ayana Wildgoose

Aug 6, 2013

HOW-TO: Trim your ends . . . EASY via Naptural85

Whitney, the YouTuber also known as Naptural85, is one of my favorite blogger/YouTubers. Her hair is amazing. Her tutorials, family vlogs (featuring her adorable daughter and husband) and her lifestyle blogs just make you want to be a better person. I'm truly a fan.

I was lookin through some of Whitney's older hair videos and found this super EASY tutorial for clipping your ends. When it comes to natural hair, there is so much info available, especially on clipping and maintaining your ends for - especially for length retention. Whitney says she clips the ends of her 4a hair about every nine months. Some would recommend more often. I say, it's up to you - but never let damaged ends stick around too long.

Check out Whitney's video below. You can find Whitney, aka Naptural85 on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jul 30, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Hydratherma Naturals Daily Growth Lotion

What do we all want when it comes to natural hair?  Of course some want definition, others want products that aid in stretching, but most of what I hear is that we want long, soft hair. Less breakage means more growth and retention. 

A few years ago when I was living in DC I was scouring the web for new products that would keep my hair soft permanently and came across a website called Healthy Hair Journey.  The owner of the line had all sorts of information about her products and also documented her own healthy hair journey and how these products helped her hair to grow and while keeping it soft and lovely.  The entire line is great but I swear by the Hydratherma Naturals Daily Growth Lotion.  It is packed with all kind of great oils, from Avocado, to Emu, Shea butter, and Olive oil along with a few others. 

I found out that my hair loves Emu oil.  It is great oil will many benefits, it helps with cell regeneration on the scalp and restores your hair follicle and shaft. 

A 4 oz bottle will cost you about $14 and the 8 oz $19. This is a product that is packed full with oils so you don’t need much.  When I first started using it I started out with a small amount and built on top of that until I achieved my desired softness. I saw a huge boost in growth retention.  But it should be used daily in order to see results. 

If you have tried this product or are planning to, let us know your thoughts. 
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