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Jan 19, 2015

Meet our new writer - JOMILLA

"This is not my first year being natural but it is my first year rocking it and I'm excited to share it with NIN every step of the way"

This has been a long time coming - at least six months, but we finally found a new writer. When I knew that Amber was moving to Georgia, I knew we needed to fill her spot. I received plenty of submissions, but the person I selected has exceeded my expectations. Ok, NIN readers, meet . . . JOMILLA!

Jomilla is an MTSU Grad, newlywed, new mom, and experienced writer. She's written for many local papers and edited at MTSU. Personally, I've known Jomilla since she was in high school, but I never knew she had this gorgeous head of natural hair and grand writing experience. She's also a new mom of a gorgeous little girl, so she'll have some mommy advice to share as well. I'm so happy she's agreed to share her natural hair experience with us.

As stated above, Jomilla's not newly natural, but this is the first time she's embraced the natural hair lifestyle. Often, when you wear wigs and weaves, your real hair kinda becomes a memory. It's important to let your real hair breath and play around with it. You can't have perfect hair every day, but you can have healthy hair all the time if you learn to take care of it.

I'm excited to see Jomilla's hair grow and her experience being shared with you. This year Natural in Nashville hopes to be the source of natural hair inspiration - in Nashville and beyond. Join me in welcoming Jomilla to our team! Say "Hi!" to her in the comments section!

Wanna learn about our other writers, CLICK HERE!

Oct 14, 2014

HAIR LUST: Loads of LOVELY length

I think every girl, when she decides to 'go natural' they find the picture of the girl with the longest curly hair ever. Not saying you can't wish for this length as a hair goal, but you can get a bit frustrated when your hair doesn't grow quickly.

Now, I wish I knew this girl so I could hear her story. Her hair is just GORGEOUS. It looks so healthy and well taken care of. This is the product of dedication and PATIENCE. To all my long-hair sisters, what's your secret? How did you by-pass the awkward length stage? Give us some tips in the comment box.

May 13, 2014

DISCUSSION: That's not NATURAL! Dealing with Natural Hair Bullies

IG Natural Hair sensation, @Mz_Tammy, rocking a great blow-out
Sigh! I'm writing this post with all the attitude of a teenager asked to wash the dishes during a Love and Hip-Hop marathon. Let me set it up:

I was enjoying a wonderful lunch at the Farmer's Market and I noticed a very cute couple. They were eating lunch as well. Sidenote: Yes, I was ear hustling, don't judge me. The young lady had a cute natural 'do. It was pinned up and kinda looked like a Janelle Monae style. I could tell her hair was quite healthy.

The guy, her boyfriend, commented her hair and asked what she'd do with it "since it's getting hot outside. He asked, earnestly and honestly, "Would you straighten it anytime soon. Like with a flat-iron?" Poor thing. He didn't even know he was dating a Natural Hair Nazi. Ol' girl went OFF!

"Listen, girls who say that they are NATURAL but they use heat to straighten their hair are NOT natural. I am not one of those people. You will NEVER see me use heat, color, or anything that takes away from the hair that grows out of my head." she trailed on and on. The boyfriend kinda looked glazed in the eyes. I was feeling . . . Some kinda way.

This color isn't 'natural' but it sure is NICE
I cannot take it! I get so tired of the argument of what's natural and what's not:
  • If you wear a weave as a protective style - you not really natural.
  • If you straighten your hair - you're not really natural (and you are subscribing to the white aesthetic- SIGH)
  • If you color your hair - you're not really natural - unless you have locs then that's ok . . .
So let's get real - the most natural anyone can be is the baby that's being born as I type this post.

If you use shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, and the like, that you didn't MAKE in your own kitchen, you are already stepping away from the natural line. And, if you don't have a 100% natural diet, straight from the ground, that you grew yourself, then you step a bit further from the natural line. So, technically, if you ONLY stop using relaxers, then you aren't as natural as your sister who is 100% organic in EVERYTHING she does (what she puts on her head and what she puts in her mouth).

My friend, Tonya, rocking her flat ironed hair.
What I hate is when people want to JUDGE the next person for the choices they make with their hair. The glory of letting go of the relaxer life is seeing what your hair can do. It's also about finding an identity that you never knew existed. Letting go of the relaxer is a journey in patience, education, and diligence.

What I hear when someone starts talking about what's natural and what's not is someone who is trying to tell me what's BLACK and what's not. This is the ongoing convo with black women and our hair decisions. If you can't see the kink then I'm not that natural. If she has a lighter complexion, then you'll hair commentary about how her natural hair journey is 'easier' than our kinky sisters. The point of the matter is - IT'S JUST HAIR and it's a personal decision. The way I wear my hair doesn't define my BLACKNESS nor my association in the Natural Hair community.

The new natural, reading this post, doesn't need a Natural Hair Bully telling her what she can and cannot do with her hair. I'm not gonna say that using constant heat, dyes, or chemical filled products is the BEST thing you can do for your relaxer-free hair. But, if you wanna do it, I'm not going to judge you. I'm not going to be the one to condemn you, but I will be the person to help you find a healthy route to dealing with damage - IF it happens

So ladies, if you are the 98% natural wonder, don't turn your nose up at the lady with the blue hair, weave, or the straightened 'do. You can be there for her when she trying to up her natural hair percentage.

Apr 15, 2014

HAIR LUST: Some curls with a braid on the side!

I don't know where I found this photo, but I knew I had to post it here. Lately, I've been obsessed with finding styles that suit short hair. This cute look is great for transitioners and for short hair naturals. It's also a good way to experiment with the shved-sides look.

Would you rock it?

Apr 10, 2014

CELEB STYLE: Lupita Nyong'o covers Marie Claire Magazine, May 2014


The Lupita train just keeps going - and I'm not mad about it. Lupita is the new face of Lancome Cosmetics AND she scored a double cover for Marie Claire's May 2014 issue! 

Sporting a gorgeous strapless pink dress and sleek side-shave pompadour, Lupita cover's the issue's "Sexy Style NOW!" issue. I'd have to say, it's refreshing to see the lovely actress on so many covers.

At the Marie Claire office, showing the second cover look

Feb 11, 2014

HAIR LUST: Valentine's Curls

Happy Valentine's week! I saw this this cute photo on Pintrest and thought it'd be the perfect way to capture the essence of Valentine's Day.  Be carefree, un-bothered, and happy no matter if you single or attached. Ok, but how much do we love her big hair!??

Nov 19, 2013

HAIR LUST: Happy Little Updo


Ahh! Nothing like the simplicity of a quick up-do. An up-do, on natural hair, can take a three day old twist-out to a new beginning. Just find some bobby pins or hair combs, at a bit of water and olive oil to moisturize, and smooth your hair up to the high heavens. This model's hair is super-cute and super easy to achieve. Give it a try!

Nov 12, 2013

DISCUSSION: You KNOW it's time for a haircut!


Since I've gotten my haircut, I've come to realize, I was REALLY neglecting my situation. So stuck on holding on to length, I neglected healthy hair. No matter how long you hair is, it's imperative that you schedule routine maintenance on your natural curls. Wear and tear cause ends to split and became frayed. Frayed ends are a NO-NO and will cause you hair to break off. 

Getting you ends clipped is one of the ways to ensure natural hair success.  Maybe you aren't stubborn when it comes to trimming your hair, maybe you just don't know. Below I've listed some tips to help you figure out when it's time to clip those ends:
  1. You have a TON of single strand knots - Single Strand Knots (aka Fairy Knots) happen when really curly hair tangles within itself, leaving little knots on EACH strand of hair. Once your hair has a single-strand knot, the only way to get rid of them is to clip those ends. Read more on Single Strand Knots 
  2. Your hair is SHEDDING like crazy - It's normal for you hair to shed. 100's of dormant hairs will depart your scalp on a daily basis. However, when it looks like you have more hair shedding that your used to, it may be time to clip those ends. Shed hair sometimes attaches to single strand knots and pulls the extra hair out during detangling. 
  3. It takes FOREVER to detangle - Every natural girl complains of detangling sessions. But when detangling is followed by knots, and extra shedding, then you need to trim. Frayed ends are more prone to tangles because they’re rougher and can easily get caught on one and other causing knots.
  4. Your hair is uneven - When I wore more hair in an updo most times, I never really appreciated the full length. But when I'd blow it out, I noticed the right side was long than the left. It happens. Unless you like wearing you hair in an asymetrical bob (a-la Salt & Pepa 1987) then it's time to get that trim.
  5. Your hair starts to lock - In shorter hair naturals, wearing you hair in wash-n-go styles tends to make you forgo detangling sessions. So, your ultra curly hair starts to loc, clump, or tangle. (source). Tangles that intense can only be removed with getting a cut. Don't let it get that way - get a trim regularly.
  6. You curls aren't CURLING - So you have a uniform curl pattern. But now, you curls aren't curling quite right. You may have a lot of frizz too. It's time to clip those ends and reveal those curls again.
These are just a couple ways to indicate when it's time to get a trim. No matter what the issue, you should routinely get you hair trimmed AT LEAST three times a year. Visiting a professional stylist can help you decipher how often to trim you ends and a professional stylist can help you figure out other issues/obstacles that may be holding you back from healthy hair.

QUESTION: When's the last time you got a trim?


Sep 10, 2013

Hair Lust: Gentle Giant Curls

Yes, all, yes! I try to write fancy-nancy captions for these Hair Lust photos, but I'm at a loss for this one; it's just so beautiful! The curls, the afro, the soft capture of the photo - all love!

Enjoy and be inspired!

Sep 4, 2013

CELEB STYLE: Beyonce's Natural Style

Happy Birthday Beyonce! I thought we'd take a look at her natural hair styles from the past. Some don't associate Beyonce with natural hair. Beyonce wears lace-front wigs to protect her natural hair from the rigors of the entertainment industry. Sometimes, like the photos above and below, Beyonce gives us a glimpse of her auburn curlies. I more prefer Beyonce with her big curly hair - but I know entertainment - celebs gotta keep switching it up!

Take a look at the curly natural inspired looks Beyonce's rocked in the past. Has Beyonce ever influenced your hair styles?

Jul 17, 2013

A natural in Nashville: LaTonya shares her washday routine

Straight and sleek for work

Today's, Natural in Nashville, is a friend of mine. LaTonya and I have been friends for almost 10 years; we attended the same church for much of that time. Even before I knew her personally, I always admired her long gorgeous hair. To my knowledge, LaTonya's been natural for quite some time, 15+ years.  She's rocked her hair super long/waist length and in layered cuts. Recently, LaTonya embarked on her own little journey called #HealthyHairDontCare
Wash and Go
According to LaTonya, she'd been ignoring her hair, using too much heat, washing with haste, and coloring without conditioning. These acts resulted in her hair becoming limp, losing its natural curl pattern, and looking sad. She wanted her healthy shiny hair back. It's very common to get lazy, ESPECIALLY when your hair is very long. Relying on bunning or 'wash and go' styles sometimes add more stress to your hair than necessary. 

Latonya started her journey with a good haircut and deep condition. The stylist removed THREE INCHES of sad hair. After, her curls hung better and her hair started to regain its shine. Below is a collage of Latonya's NEW wash day routine:
Latonya's wash day routine
Latonya told me:
"I pre-poo with extra Virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and plain greek yogurt.  Then I wash my hair with Organix Coconut Milk shampoo. Then I sit under the steamer with deep conditioner from Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery deep conditioning treatment. Then follow-up with Suave Almond & Shea butter rinse out conditioner. The end result-beautiful shiny defined curls.  
The products I use, I now try to stay away from too many extra chemicals and sulfates. Oh, and that hair steamer I use for my deep conditioning treatment, I got it for LESS than $100 on eBay! I researched EVERYTHING. I've watched YouTube videos, looked on Pintrest, and consulted sites like Natural in Nashville for tips."
Side pony-tail with curls
Well, I'm loving these results! I know Latonya's hair will be better than ever. Use Latonya's story  to inspire you to seek healthy hair results. If you've been neglecting those strands, make a visit to your fave stylist, or fave website and start your own #HealthyHairDontCare journey. 

Twist-out with ultimate definition
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