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Melissa - Editor-in-Chief 

Melissa is a wardrobe stylist and freelance journalist living in Nashville, TN. Helping women find their true style is the primary goal of her writing and styling. Currently she is the editor-in-chief of Nashville's first Urban Fashion Blog, Fab Glance Nashville.
Melissa's love for hair started when she was young. By college, friends came to her for touch-ups and elaborate up-dos for evening events. Although, she is not a professional hair stylist, Melissa makes herself knowledgeable of the latest haircare products and styling secrets for natural and relaxed hair. Melissa 'big-chopped' in September 2009 after transitioning for almost six month. She started Natural in Nashville as a way for Nashville's natural ladies to share knowledge, communicate, and feel empowered about their natural journey.


Ashiya Swan is a Wholistic Life Coach specializing in Wellness + Self-Care. Through Swan Wholistic., Ashiya supports girls and women entering pivotal moments of growth by co-creating a self-care plan based on her client's knowledge of Self. Ashiya's wholistic approach has been of benefit to clients in all stages of life from young girls to married women: helping women maintaib balance through life's transitions.

Ashiya has merged her skills as a wholistic life coach and as a Kemetic yoga instructor to provide clients personalized coaching and yoga instruction for personal development, stress management and self-care. Ashiya also provides consulting for corporate and youth wellness programs. By sharing her continued transformation through her blog A Swan Life (, Ashiya hopes to remove any mystery, fear, or confusion regarding the practice of Yoga and our capacity for self-healing. For more on Ashiya’s work, visit
After years of confusion about why her hair would not grow consistently, her hair began to fall out in patches. Ashiya realized that it was time to begin her natural journey and never relaxed her hair again. Since the relaxer took care of “The Big Chop”, Ashiya spent 10 months in transition before she decided to loc her hair. Ashiya hopes that her contribution to Natural in Nashville will encourage women to appreciate their authenticity and the beauty they radiate in their natural state.

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