Sep 3, 2015

YOUTUBE THURSDAY: Jordan tells us how to do a braided crown

Jordan aka JuicesAndBerries on YouTube
I love stumbling upon a YouTuber that is just so fly! Because, listen, when you are looking for an amazing tutorial that just enhances your life, you got to tell your friends. So, you guys are my friends, and I want to tell you about Jordan McCrary, aka JuicesansdBerries

I've been looking for and EASY Flat Twist Protective Style to rock during this hot weather. Jordan's video makes it SO easy to do this style while using Marley hair. This flat-twist style is super popular, probably because it's a DIY that's almost anyone can do. 

So, you guys, go support Jordan. She makes really great videos and has lovely product reviews. Her blog,, it's easy to read and super cute! Take a look at her video, below, be inspired to rock this cute style.

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