Feb 17, 2015

PHOTO: Curl Patterns found in natural hair

I stumbled across this wonderful pictorial while on FaceBook. This photo shows the most common curl patterns/hair types found in black hair. This is one of the BEST photos I've found to identify curl patterns.

Although some feel curl typing in the natural hair community is divisive - I don't agree. Knowing your curl pattern vs. envying and being jealous of other curl patterns is a WHOLE 'nother story. Knowing your curl pattern will help you find the best products and techniques to help retain length. Plus, we know that curly hair is more prone to tangles, split ends, and environmental damage that hinder hair growth. Those issues make many think black hair can't grow long. It's important to understand your curls. Online shops like CurlMart.com can help find products that work for your curl pattern.

Of course I have to give credit to the photographer and stylist responsible for helping these women grow long natural hair. Her name is Reniece a hair stylist out of Atlanta. She shares her techniques and personal hair journey on her YouTube channel, ReneiceHairTV. She doesn't have many video's on her channel, but what's listed will give you faith that your hair can grow LONG too. Check out the video below - you'll be so inspired!

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